Judging by the grunts and moans from elsewhere in the bus, I was not the only one to have thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Lil had rolled off my face and lay panting on the couch next to me, allowing me to still up and look around. Renie was siting up and massaging her tits with some sticky fluid - probably a mixture of his cum and hers - with Steve looking on.

Alice was wanking off Charlie, who came explosively over her breasts as I watched. Bear must have come just a few moments earlier, and he was rubbing the head of his still-hard dick over one dark, hard and shiny nipple. She looked up appreciatively at the men who had just come over her, then turned to catch my gaze again, grinning at me before bringing first one nipple and then the other to her own mouth.

I'm sure I would have responded immediately to the repeated invitation if we had not been interrupted by a soft chime followed by a flashed message from the automation informing us all that we have arrived. I bounced up, brimming with energy and excitement, paused for just a moment to slip my clothes back on, and scampered to the door which was now opening automatically.

I descended the steps and stood in the sunshine, enjoying the light breeze and looking around me. It was an idyllic country spot, with mature trees and dense growths of bushes in two directions, a rocky hillside dominated the third quarter and the roadway we had just traversed was behind me.

I was soon joined by my companions, most of whom had restored their clothing - although Alice was now wearing her wrap around her waist leaving her delightfully full breasts entirely uncovered. Renie too had discarded her halter top. She moved to stand close to Alice to discuss the direction we should take. I could see the juxtaposition of Alice's full dark breasts and Renie's - a little smaller and only a shade or two lighter in color - was attracting considerable attention, not least from Renie's boyfriend.

Their impromptu conference completed, Renie and Alice directed the group, a few carrying light packs, along a narrow path paved with heavy irregular stones. The trail skirted a low-lying wooded area which looked to me as if it might flood in winter. The other side of the path was bordered by a lush meadow bounded a series of tall crags. We rounded a bend and caught our first view of the lake itself: a placid expanse of cool blue water bounded by a sculpted curving shore marked with headlands and bays, offering a number of picnic spots both sheltered and secluded dotted along the shoreline. Individual plots of grass and sandy beaches were separated by thick plantings of trees and shrubs which would, I began to realise, allow these little groves almost complete privacy.

Low voices or occasional giggling laughter indicated that some of these spots were already taken by couples or larger groups. "This one," Renie said, indicating a fork in the path.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she replied smiling, "I booked it earlier."

Our picnic spot was a classic: an oval of neatly clipped grass - the gardening performed, as everything else, by the PA - bordered by a narrow sandy beach leading down the waters of the lake. The sand itself was delimited by several large and artfully-placed boulders, which made the beach very private as well as providing pleasant spots to dry off in the sunshine after swimming. The other three sides of the grove were hedged with dense undergrowth, with a few mature trees to provide some shade for eating, and sleeping, and other activities too!

Even in this remote location, the pervasive automation was still present - that's what *pervasive* means, after all - and could be relied upon to provide basic needs such as food and water for everyone. Nevertheless, some members of the party had brought small packs with them from the bus filled with luxuries, including some bottles of wine and some real fruit - oranges and bananas - which must have cost a fortune. Steve had included a bottle of whiskey - a favorite of Renie's, and mine too - and I suspected that Renie was going to be having a good time today.

Some of the others had obviously expended some credit on VAPAware, and items started to appear in a way which would have seemed miraculous to a person from a previous age: a couple of large sunshades, a selection of beach towels in bright colors and an array of white plastic sun-loungers. The arrival of the latter was particularly spectacular, the material arriving piecemeal over an interval of several seconds, so that the recliners appeared to assemble themselves out of thin air.

Practically everybody ignored the arrival of the picnic provisions and equipment, preferring to gaze at the delightful surroundings for a few moments before, almost in synchronization, dropping bags and clothes where they stood. Most people seemed quite hot and, in many cases, rather sticky after the walk from the bus - or perhaps more honestly, from the heated activity while on the bus.

There was a mad dash for the water, led by Lil in the child-like way typical of her Kind. She rushed down the beach squealing as she encountered the cold water, then plunged onwards into deeper water with a massive splash. She was soon joined by everyone else, swimming - or at least splashing about - in the refreshingly cool water. I do not swim well - the shape of my feet to not lend themselves to aquatic propulsion - but I had a grand old time, wading about in the shallows and flicking handfuls of water at anyone who came within range.

After a while, we emerged in ones and twos, dripping onto the warm sand and, in Lil's case, shivering slightly. Renie came over or motherly, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around the Lolita's slight shoulders before firmly rubbing her dry.

I lay back on a recliner, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body. Alice sat down on the lounger next to mine, using a towel to dry her breasts, the rough material snagging on her nipples and making them stand up taut. Clearly enjoying the sensation of her teats being touched, she dropped the towel completely and began massaging her own breasts, scooping them up with both hands and squeezing the nipples firmly between finger and thumb.

"Can I help you with that?" I asked, catching her eye.

She flashed me a look that was answer enough, an opportunity to fulfill the promise her eyes had made on the bus earlier. I joined her on her sun-lounger, moving to support her warm mounds in my hands and sucking hard on her already firm nipples.

After a few moments, the teat I was sucking oozed warm milk into my mouth. The taste was indescribable - ambrosia indeed! I realized that she was not a Norm - as I had first assumed - but a Kind known as Mammas, capable of frequent orgasms from having their tits sucked, and able to offer a sweet-tasting reward to their partners.

The evident tensions I could feel in Alice's body and the urgent moans I could hear made it clear she was enjoying the attentions. I sucked her hard for at least ten minutes, my efforts rewarded by further bursts of milk, culminating in a final and much more generous spurt into my mouth as she came.

"Now it's your turn, Honey," she breathed, rolling me over on the recliner and starting to lick the cunt between my legs expertly. I moaned appreciatively, although I also snuck a look around at what the others were up to.

The twins were engaged in a round of semi-mutual masturbation while watching Alice and I at play. Each of them was manipulating one of their own cocks with one hand, and one of the other man's cocks with the other hand. I made a point of flexing my tits in their direction, by way of an invitation, but they seemed happy enough to wank themselves and each other while watching the show on the lounger.

Lil was lying on a recliner and enjoying the attentions of Charlie and Bear, sucking and jerking off the two of them alternately while Renie knelt between her legs adeptly licking her cunt while wanking her own cock. Nearby, Steve stood masturbating in the self-controlled, measured way that he has. I knew he would be taking Renie from behind very soon - whether in cunt or anus I could not be sure - but just at the point where both he and Renie would come together.

I returned my attention to Alice, who was now fucking me harder with her fingers making me moan with pleasure, pausing occasionally to lick my clit and add another finger to those she was forcing inside me. Soon the intense stimulation brought me to a juddering orgasm which left me twitching for a whole minute.

I was fucked out, at least for the time being, and I got the impression that the others had reached a point of temporary satiation.

Renie stood and moved to the packs we had brought with us.

"Time for lunch," she announced.

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