I made my way quietly back through the bushes to return to my friends, who were now waking up, looking around speculatively at the rest of the group.

It occurred to me that I had fucked everyone in the party except Charlie and Bear - oh, and Steve, of course, although I had enjoyed the latter's attentions on many previous occasions. The three men clearly also realized this fact, and they clustered around me as I lay back on my sun-lounger.

Charlie and Bear in particular seemed to want to explore the unusual sexual opening in my chest, between my breasts, and I would shortly have the pleasure of trying three cocks, one after another, in that opening.

Steve was first in line, slipping his dick easily inside me, but it was much too small to be satisfying, and I quickly repositioned his cock in my mouth.

Bear was in second place, his huge member already hard and eager, but was much too large, even with the extra lubrication of someone's cum from someone else's vagina. I moved him to the cunt between my legs where he would be able to experience those preternaturally powerful muscles my Kind have.

The last dick - Charlie's - was beautifully shaped. He pressed it against my opening, slipping inside almost immediately with a groan from him and a gasp from me. It was just right.

Part 4 Volume 5: Bend and Stretch