We found an unoccupied cubicle without difficulty and slipped inside, closing the transparent door behind us. I did not have time to turn around before I felt Selene's urgent hands on my body, massaging my neck and shoulders from behind, then dropping down to my waist and around over my belly. Even after all this time, Selene retains a considerable fascination with my body, which is so different from her own.

For the benefit of any primitive person magically transported from the Twentieth Century, perhaps I should explain that I am of a Kind known as a Marquis Doll, a product of techniques once known, I am told, as genetic engineering while still in my mother's womb.

Marquis Doll's legs The section of my torso from shoulder-blades to waist is covered with a thick leathery skin, very flexible and shiny, especially when I rub essential oils into it. The same tough epidermis covers my arms nearly to my armpits, giving me the appearance of wearing dark brown fingerless gloves. My legs, which are long and slender, are also covered to mid-thigh in the same way, while the soles of my feet are covered with a harder version of the same material, giving me the appearance of wearing long high-heeled boots.

My smooth leathery skin resists cuts and scratches, and is not very sensitive to either heat or cold. So, all of my strongest sensations, the areas where I like most to be touched, are concentrated on my fingertips, around my neck and breasts, and in a wide strip from mid-thigh to waist. It was on these areas that Selene was now lavishing her attentions.

Otherwise, I am slightly under average height, slender and toned, with narrow hips and pert breasts. My hair is black and straight, my eyes are brown and my skin - in my sensitive areas - is the color of coffee with creamer. Oh, and I have a second vagina, set in my chest where it nestles between my tits, and now oozing a mixture of John's cum and my own fluids.

Selene is a Norm, one whose basic shape would be familiar to a mythical ancient observer. She is taller than me, with blonde hair which she prefers to keep long and formed into tousled natural-looking curls maintained by the automation. She has blue eyes and as pale a skin tone as one can expect on someone who enjoys regular nude sunbathing.

I turned in the shower stall and kissed my sister luxuriously on the mouth, then dropped down to run my lips over her pale and firm nipples. She gasped at the touch, reaching between my legs with one hand and guiding my fingers to her pussy with the other. She really did need this touch, and she was so wet that I immediately slipped two fingers inside her, drawing them out again to stimulate her clit with the circular motion I knew she enjoyed the most. She responded in the way I liked best - fucked in and out by her fingers with her thumb rubbing on the tip of my clitoris.

"Yes, yes, fuck me, Selene," I cried out, "Harder, now!"

In now more than a few moments, we had reached a mutual simultaneous orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me, and I could feel the powerful muscles of my vagina rippling against her fingers pressed deep inside me.

"Oh, Tania," Selene whispered in my ear, "Every time you know how to do that just right!"

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