By the time I awoke, it was already mid-morning. The sun streaming in through the windows lit up the bright and airy room. Now I felt fully alive and positively buzzing with energy; the PA had evidently been working on me whilst I slept. I lay back on the heaped pillows, thinking over the events of the last few days. Somehow, I thought wryly, I always seem to end up collapsing in exhaustion when I visit here.

Before I got around to getting up, I sensed a movement from the other bed. Selene's blonde head - now much more radiantly blonde than it had been yesterday - emerged from the covers.

"Good morning, sleepy-head," I called gaily, "How do you feel this morning?"

She sat up suddenly in alarm, looking around wildly and holding the covers up to her neck.

"I was wondering if it was all a dream," she said, in tones which combined relief and amazement in equal measure, "But I'm glad I really am here."

She looked at her own hands, which were still clutching the bedclothes at her throat. Her eyes widened, and she dropped the sheets - incidentally exposing her breasts - as she turned over her hands, inspecting them closely. She took a fragment of her hair between her fingers and looked at it amazed, tugging a blonde lock through the space between her fingers again and again.

Half-smiling, Selene sat up straight and ran her hands over her breasts and her belly, admiring - as I was - the taut muscles around her waist and stomach, and the flawless skin on arms and neck and face. I particularly enjoyed viewing her pert nipples and full round tits, their pale skin set off by large and contrastingly dark nipples which just begged to be sucked. She started in surprise and then stared into space as the automation produced a virtual mirror in front of her so that she could see her own face and hair and body.

"So it is true what they say," she said, her voice shaking with emotion, "This world makes you look young - and feel young too. And I cannot see how this is the work of Satan."

"You look lovely," I assured her, "Truly wonderful."

I swung myself out of bed and stood up, stretched luxuriously, then took the few steps over to Selene's bed and sat casually on the edge of it. I twisted around and smiled widely at her, but was startled to see her staring at me.

"What are you?" she gasped, shrinking back from me and clutching the sheets to her chest again, "You're not human!"

I suddenly realized that, up until now, Selene had never seen any part of my body other than my face and hands, so she had no idea what Kind I actually was.

"Honey, relax," I said, taking her hands in mine, "I'm as human as you are. It's just that I'm a different Kind of human."

She was still looking at me wild-eyed.

"Look," I said reassuringly, taking one of her hands and putting it on my thigh, just at the point where the soft Norm skin met the shiny leather-look lower section, "This is all me, all real. It's just the way I was made, before I was born. Of course, I have thoughts and feelings and emotions like anyone else, and my body's not really that different - just a few enhancements for extra fun."

Selene ran her hand up and down my leg - I enjoyed the sensation, of course - over the smooth seam in my skin. She explored the similar joins at my wrist and upper arm, marveling at the way the different textures changed. Then she noticed my second vagina, the soft pink lips which nestle between my breasts, and her face looked shocked again.

"I have two," I explained, taking her fingers gently and pressing them first against the pussy between my tits and the vagina between my legs.

After a few moments, she withdrew her hand and stared into the distance for a while. I was unsure whether she was reading something projected by the automation, or just deep in thought.

"Sorry," she said, looking genuinely contrite, "I guess I should have expected this kind of thing."

I smiled and, on a whim, slipped into her bed next to her. She shifted over to accommodate me, although the size of the bed meant that we were touching at hip and shoulder.

Selene twisted to look at me, eyes downcast.

"What I should really be doing," she said slowly, "is thanking you, for rescuing me from that terrible place."

With my free hand, I lifted her chin and kissed her full on the lips.

"I was my pleasure," I said, adding cheekily, "Or, at least, I suspect it soon will be."

She looked at me with some mixture of confusion and delight.

"Let's go shower," I suggested playfully, throwing back the covers and exposing both our naked bodies.

I could now see that my sister had smoothly rounded hips and the same flawless pale skin on her long shapely legs with a delectable split mound between them. She was completely shaved there, presumably performed by the PA - having inferred that this was the way she preferred it.

I took Selene by the hand and led her to the large and well-equipped shower room just off the main open-plan living area. Even though she had got over the initial surprise and shock, she was still completely fascinated with my body, looking intensely at my back and ass as I opened the cubicle door.

"Come on then," I enthused, "In we go."

She hesitated for a second, then followed me in. The water turned itself on automatically, at a temperature chosen precisely by the PA to be most comfortable for both of us.

"Let me soap you," I suggested.

Selene nodded, and I see about rubbing her back, and then her breasts and her ass and thighs. Sle clearly enjoyed the attention, and every reaction on her face and in her body told me she wanted to feel more of my hands, my fingers.

"We mustn't do this," she said earnestly, suddenly taking my hands in hers and lifting them from her body.

"Why not?" I said, "I know you want to. I want to. No-one's going to stop us, and certainly no-one's going to disapprove."

"But what if someone's watching?" she insisted, "Surely anyone could be observing us right now, using this magical automation."

"What if they are?" I replied, grinning lustfully at her, "In fact, we should put on a good show just in case someone is!"

Her face lit up at the happy, naughty thought. I bent forward to suck on her left nipple, the water from the shower cascading from my back for a moment before the automation shut it off. I could hear her gasp even over the rush of the water, her moans of pleasure increasing as I moved my mouth to her other breast.

I ran an exploratory finger between her legs, between her pussy lips. She was already wet, and she evidently enjoyed my attentions on her clit. I was rapidly able to bring her to orgasm, her head jerked back hard and nearly banging on th shower wall. She did her best to reciprocate, although I was soon fairly convinced that she had never played with a pussy before - except her own, of course.

In the end, I polished myself off with swift circular motions on my own clit while Selene fucked me enthusiastically but inexpertly with her fingers. It seemed like a little sex education would be required very shortly.

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