"Yes, you can," Dragon confirmed in his deep drawling voice, "You can fuck anyone who will have you. Any Kind, any place, any time - and in any numbers and combinations you fancy. It's one of the delights of the modern world."

He paused, then added, "Personally, I love it!"

He sat up on the sun-lounger suddenly, then stood and stretched luxuriously, the sunlight glinting off his tanned and magnificent frame. He turned to face us both.

"Now then, ladies," Dragon said, "We need to make a visit to the club. I have a favor to ask of the proprietor."

"OK," I agreed, and Selene shrugged her shoulders, giving the impression she was perfectly happy to tag along anywhere.

We collected towels and dried off, then strolled up the gentle slope back to the house. The house was cool and quiet, the PA having tidied away all the bedding and the few remnants of our breakfast. Dragon made to go into another part of the house, then stopped at the door.

"Tania, there's some clothing in the closet near where you were sleeping," he said, "Perhaps you'd help Selene pick out something."

"Sure," I agreed perkily.

We took another quick shower, each wrapping ourselves in a fluffy white towel, then investigated the closet Dragon had indicated. My own miniskirt and light jacket were hanging there, cleaned and tidied away by the automation. After a surprisingly short time, Selene picked out a strappy summery print dress in yellows and greens that left her arms and neck and shoulders bare.

"But what about underwear?" she asked.

"What do you need underwear for?" I responded, eyeing her up and down, "Your breasts certainly don't need any support, and I'm sure you'll be much more comfortable without any kind of constraint elsewhere."

Selene smiled wickedly, then slipped the dress over her head.

"How do I look?" she asked, twirling girlishly.

"A utter delight," Dragon's voice came before I could answer, "Are you ready to go?"

We took another trip in Dragon's car, which appeared automatically at the front door as we emerged. I passed the time by showing Selene how to suck cock. This was quite a challenge, given the immense size of Brandon's member now protruding from another one of the Kimonos he preferred to wear when he felt clothing was desired. Even so, I thought that Selene gained the skills really very rapidly, judging by the reactions on Dragon's face and the stiffness of his dick.

We took it in turns to lick his cock, and to rub it between our breasts. Dragon was far too big to enter my upper cunt, but Selene managed to get some of his helmet into her mouth - hers was just that little bit bigger than mine. Dragon groaned and writhed for a good fifteen minutes, finishing with a wild and uncontrolled cry followed by an immense explosion of cum that caused Selene to screech - some combination of surprise and delight, I imagined. I licked the cum off her face and breasts, and we were all nicely cleaned up by the time we pulled up at the front door of the Chromium Shaft club.

We exited the vehicle together, Selene still twitching her dress back into place over her breasts, and strode in. Directed by a sign from the PA, we turned a sharp right just inside the main doors and walked up two flights of stairs to the upper floor area.

Maxine was the proprietor of the Chromium Shaft Club, and therefore my boss. She was sitting calmly behind the desk in her office and accompanied, as always, by Kitty, her sidekick. Kitty was dressed in the inevitable cat-suit, the armory of sensory equipment built into the fabric of her clothing gave her - the Club gossip said - a whole gamut of enhanced senses not available to those less well-endowed, not to mention a range of sexual capabilities beyond any un-augmented Kind I had ever heard of.

"Hello, Dragon," Maxine said, standing up as we followed Brandon into the room, "What can I do for you?"

"Dragon?" Selene hissed at me.

"It's a nickname," I explained, "Everyone seems to call him that - even me."

Dragon and Maxine stood close together, speaking very quietly before exchanging a chaste kiss in the fashion that indicted clearly that they were two people who would very much like to fuck each other senseless right this very moment, but were held apart by some kind of shared history I knew nothing of. I was tempted to ask the PA, but demurred: we had other fish to fry - whatever that old-fashioned expression meant - right now.

"So why are we here?" Selene whispered to me.

Before I could answer, Dragon spoke loud enough for us all to hear.

"My daughters: Tania you already know," he said to Maxine, holding out his hand in our direction, "And let me introduce Selene."

No doubt the PA had already filled the gaps in knowledge for the proprietor’s benefit.

"I want to throw Selene a party," Dragon explained to Maxine, then turned to speak directly to Selene herself, "I want to introduce you to a few people - old friends - by way of a welcome home. And I want to hold it here at the Club."

"Actually," I said, several naughty thoughts appearing in my mind, "I suspect that quite a lot of people would like to get to know you, a lot better and you could do with catching up."

"What do you mean?" Selene wondered.

"I think you, and I, should entertain as many people as we can manage," I elaborated, "Let's hold a gang-bang; an old-fashioned orgy."

Selene looked delighted, even radiant for a moment, clearly ferally excited by the prospect, then her face suddenly, inexplicably, looked sad.

"I don't know whether I can stay," she said, looking from Dragon to me and back again, "If the Reverend finds me and asks me back, I'm afraid I'll have to return."

"Why?" I demanded, utterly shocked.

"I promised my mother," she said simply.

In a flash, I realized that we would need to find a way of making sure that the Reverend did not want Selene back, that he could never ask her to return, or if he did, she would not feel compelled to go after all.

"Okay. Well, we will just need to get you in a position where the Reverend cannot ask you that question," I said. "How are you going to achieve that?" Selene demanded, looking both confused and suddenly hopeful.

I grinned broadly at her.

"I think I know exactly how to do it," I replied mysteriously, "Although it will take a certain amount of careful management. So, will you just trust me?"

I glanced around at Maxine and Kitty and Brandon, knowing that the automation would discreetly inform them of what I had in mind, and why Selene had to remain unaware of my plan. I hoped she would remain so, which she would unless she asked the automation explicitly, of course.

"Yes," Selene replied carefully, "Yes, I will trust you."

"Great! We'll want to get a welcome party organized, of course, but firstly," I said, looking directly at Selene, "We need to pay a visit. To see a man about a job."

Part 3 Volume 14: But You Can't Hide