We left the Chromium Shaft Club by the staff entrance - around the back, of course - and walked along the narrow alley where I had had that strange encounter with the over-dressed man just a few days ago. I stopped dead, looking around at the spot where he had tried to grab me. Thinking back, I began to suspect that the man in the black hat had something to do with the Eden Commune, or with the Reverend.

The PA was, as always, ready with an explanation, prompted by my body language and the flickering movements of my eyeballs surveying the scene. Words and pictures flashed in front of my eyes, as if projected on an invisible screen. They confirmed my suspicions, that he was indeed from the NNZ I had visited recently, the one from whence I had liberated Selene.

But the PA could give no clue as to why he had come, or what he intended to achieve, since any discussion or planning would have been done inside the Commune and therefore away from the pervasive monitoring provided by the automation. I could only speculate that it had something to do with Dragon's request to visit his daughter or, more precisely, with his request to let me visit Selene - even though that was long before he had even suggested the possibility to me.

I turned around. Selene was looking at me strangely.

"Are you OK" she asked, sounding a shade worried.

"Fine," I replied cheerily, "Just a sudden thought. No problem. Let’s go."

I slipped my arm through hers, and we set off jauntily together along the sidewalk in the sunshine.

I had decided to drop in at my apartment since it was quite close to the Club and on the way to the Metro station. I wanted to change my clothing - something a little more special was called for, I considered - and I thought that Selene might like to borrow something from my wardrobe, too.

We scampered up the stairs of the apartment building and flung open the door of the little apartment I share with my dear friend Renie. She was in, on her own, evidently trying on a variety of clothes from her wardrobe and some out of mine, too, I could see. As we entered, she was twirling around, no doubt admiring her outfit - a tight halter top and a school-girl pleated miniskirt - in front of a virtual mirror projected by the automation.

"Tania!" she squealed, "There you are! I was beginning to wonder what you're up to - and who you're up to it with."

Her greeting struck me as if I had been away for a month, rather than a couple of nights.

"And who's this?" she added archly, looking over my shoulder at Selene, "A new friend?"

I grinned, looking from one girl to the other.

"Renie," I said mock-formally, "Let me introduce Selene, my half-sister. Selene, my flat-mate Renie."

"Sister?" Renie queried, "I didn't know you had a sister."

"It's a long story," I replied.

We three girls sat together on the large futon that occupies a surprisingly large amount of the space in our little apartment. I told Renie a little about my recent adventures, a short-form version of the party at Mom's, and meeting Dragon, and my trip to the Eden Commune, with interjections from Selene whenever I tried to down-play my part in the proceedings. Meanwhile, the PA - sensing our needs even before we were consciously aware of them - presented us with a selection of snacks and nibbles, each plate tailored to our own tastes and preferences.

Having eaten their fill, Renie and Selene lay back against the small mountain of pillows at the bed-head, while I sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed. I could see that Renie was interested in taking things further with Selene - I have seen that look on her face too often to count - and I was pretty sure that Selene was feeling horny too. I coughed, to attract their attention back to me for a moment.

"Now that Selene's here, I need to do a couple of things," I started, "Firstly, I'm going to arrange a little welcome party, to introduce my new-found sister to my friends. Madamae Maxine's offered us the use of a room at the Club."

Renie's eyes lit up at the thought.

"Am I invited?" she asked.

"Of course, Darling. I wouldn't want it without you," I replied reassuringly, then continued, "Secondly, we will need to go away for a while, somewhere where the Reverend can't find us. So I'll need some money."

"How are you going to get that?" Renie inquired, "Ask for a loan from your Mom, or this Dragon."

"Oh, that won't be necessary," I replied airily, "I'll just do a few delivery jobs for Johnny. That should see us through for a while."

Renie nodded, her attention already returning to the curvaceous blonde next to her.

"But we don't have to rush right now, do we?" Selene said, with a plaintive tone in her voice, "I've not really got to know your friend yet."

I grinned wryly, looking at the two sexy people at the other end of my bed, running their hands over each others breasts and kissing passionately.

"There's no rush," I replied generously, "Take your time."

Inevitably, Selene's hands wandered down below Renie's waist and under the short skirt she was still wearing. As she reached between Renie's legs, Selene gasped suddenly and started to jerk her hand back. Renie caught her wrist gently.

"It's all right, Honey," she purred, "It's not anything you won't have seen before."

Renie flicked up her skirt and opened her legs wider, revealing the petite but perfectly formed penis I was so very familiar with.

"You're a man," Sis cried out, her eyes wide.

Renie laughed aloud.

"No, Honey," she said, "I've got everything a girl's got, and then some!"

Renie guided Selene's hand down over her rampant cock and to her pussy lips, showing her the increasingly moist opening she had where a Norm male would have balls.

"You lucky girl!" Selene exclaimed.

She reached down with her other hand to rub Renie's cock while slipping a finger inside her. It was Renie's turn to gasp, this time with pleasure as Selene's nimble and sensitive fingers explored her most intimate places.

I could see these two were going to get one well. I drew out my favorite toy, a large pink dildo, from behind the cushions and moistened it lavishly in my mouth, before firmly affixing the sucker cup to the floor. While I watched Renie receiving the full attention of Selene's tongue on both penis and pussy, I squatted down pressing the familiar tip of the toy between my legs.

Another afternoon playtime at home. I was glad to be back.

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