Selene and I were fucking a client. Not, I must make it clear, because we particularly wanted to have sex with him - although we both frequently enjoy casual tag-team fun as much as the next pair of horny sisters. Nor, I should add, because the client especially wanted to be fucked by us, although judging by his ragged breathing and rigid member, he was not objecting terribly much to the ordeal.

The client - let's call him John - had agreed to be blindfolded and was currently standing naked, gasping for breath, in the centre of the floor of the private Club room. He was taking advantage of our specific skills and particular services that we offer, something unusual - perhaps even unique, according to my information - in this day and age.

I was kneeling on the floor, looking up at the client with my long dark hair flowing loosely down my back. John's rock-hard cock was deep inside the sexual opening in my chest, the second vagina my Kind have there. His dick was thrusting into the red pussy lips nestling between my breasts, aided by my arms around his waist, clutching his ass cheeks and forcing him ever more deeply into me.

Selene was standing right behind him, her blonde hair brushing his ear as she whispered into it, and indeed close enough to be able to finger his lubricated ass with long slow movements. With the other hand, she alternately fingering her own cunt - I always like to watch her masturbating - and transferred the sweet taste of her own moist juices to John's open mouth.

"You do remember me, don't you? Don't you?" she hissed urgently into his ear, "My taste, my feel, my touch. How could you forget me?"

Her fingers stimulating him from within made him stiffen yet more and arch his back against my tits.

"You like the pressure of my breasts against your balls as you slip your length into me, don't you," I chimed in, "And can you feel my nipples, so hard against your thighs. Can you feel them, John, can you really feel them?"

On cue, Selene thrust her fingers into his anus with more vigor, making his cry out again.

"Come for me, John," she breathed, "Come for me now, screaming my name!"

"Agnes! Oh, yes, Agnes!"

John buckled and jerked as he unloaded inside me. I held him tight, squeezing his dick with rhythmic motions of the astonishingly powerful muscles that rest under my sternum, sucking his cum into my stomach. I grinned at Selene, knowing as I did how much likes to see me fucked there, in the one hole she does not herself have.

John ripped the blindfold from his face, his eyes skittering to and fro as he took in the information projected for him - and him alone - by the Pervasive Automation. He grinned widely, the PA evidently telling him exactly what he wanted to know, who this Agnes was and where he had met her, something that he had not, until a few moments ago, been able to remember.

"You see, my dear John," Selene whispered in his ear with an air of finality, "You do remember my name."

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