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Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories Book Cover Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories
Five star rating
New and original erotic short stories with a Fantasy or Science Fiction orientation.
The collection includes tales of encounters with witches and faeries and sexual adventures in other worlds and times and places.
Erotic Short Stories Book Cover Original Erotic Short Stories
Five star rating
Introduction to a growing collection of original erotic short stories presented under the title of Chatting with Paula.
This is also the title of one of the individual stories in the collection.
The Marquis Doll Adventures Book Cover The Marquis Doll Adventures
Five star rating
Another series of linked erotic short stories, which was started quite some time ago, has now evolved into a full-scale novel.
This work is set in a near-future world where nobody wants for anything and where pervasive nanotechnology provides for all basic human needs.
The Marquis Doll Investigations Book Cover The Marquis Doll Investigations
Three star rating
This novel is a sequel to The Marquis Doll Adventures.
It is still very much a work in progress, but the first few volumes are now available for preview. More to follow.
Big Sleep Book Cover The Big Sleep
Four star rating
This book is a tribute to the life and works of Raymond Chandler.
The story is a hard-boiled detective novel set in a decayed technological future, in a mouldering domed habitat populated by cynical people and cheap cyborgs and antique robots, all orbiting a moon of the planet Saturn.
Classic Erotic Short Stories Book Cover Classic Erotic Short Stories
Five star rating
Gathered here are a small number of carefully-selected and reviewed erotic short stories by other authors, found on the Internet.
Further stories will be added to these pages as time permits.

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Warning: adult erotic content

Disclaimer: All stories and other content in these pages are works of fiction, and any similarity with real people, places or incidents is purely coincidental.