Short Story Collection Book Cover These pages introduce a small but carefully selected collection of classic erotic short stories, all by other people, that have been in circulation on the Internet for a long time.

You may also like to explore the growing collection of original erotic short stories, as well as the original erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF) short stories.

Disclaimer: All stories and other content in these pages are works of fiction, and any similarity with real people, places or incidents is purely coincidental.

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Suzie Q's Party Game: Book Cover Suzie Q's Party Game
Five star rating
Fun and games in the back room of a wild party. This story is subtitled The Dare. An erotic tale which has been around on the nets for a great many years.
Private Dancer: Book Cover Private Dancer
Five star rating
By Kristen Becker.
Two young Americans visit a private club in Berlin and are surprised to be invited to join the acts on stage.
Savannah Submits: Book Cover Savannah Submits
Four star rating
Another story which has been in circulation on the Internet for a long time. A stunning story of sex and submission.
Twice Around for Kaja: Book Cover Twice Around for Kaja
Four star rating
This story is subtitled Or, New Body Thief Adventures. A story of sex and magic - a real delight.
Best Friends: Book Cover Best Friends
Four star rating
An old story of two young girls shyly exploring their emerging sexuality after a sleepover.
At the Chateau: Book Cover At the Chateau
Four star rating
A master-slave sexual domination story, an erotic and stylized scenario for your enjoyment.
The Coven: Book Cover The Coven
Four star rating
A classic story by Candy Kane. A group of young witches meet at the dark of the moon in the deepest part of the forests.
Strip Poker: Book Cover Strip Poker
Four star rating
A story set at a late night party, featuring four girls and a guy. The title really says it all!
Server Pleasures: Book Cover Server Pleasures
Four star rating
By Phoebe.
Set in the far future, a tale of illicit lust posible only for the rich and famous.
Teaching Orgasms: Book Cover Teaching Orgasms
Four star rating
By Mandy C.
Three friends teach a fourth about the pleasures of masturbation.
Yummy Picnic: Book Cover Yummy Picnic
Four star rating
By rdragon.
A sunny day and a picnic by the beach - a picnic to remember!
A Perfect Disguise: Book Cover A Perfect Disguise
Four star rating
By UnilateralJ.
A casual encounter on the way home from a late-night bar.

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Warning: adult erotic content