Erotic Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection Book Cover Chatting with PAULA brings you a growing selection of original erotic short Fantasy and Science Fiction stories. Some are still incomplete.

More short stories are being worked on and will be posted them here from time to time. New cover artwork for each tale is also under development. Let us know what you think of the stories and pictures by email.

Disclaimer: All stories and other content in these pages are works of fiction, and any similarity with real people, places or incidents is purely coincidental.

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A World Beyond: Book Cover A World Beyond
Five star rating
A faerie tale for adults: a young girl's lesbian encounter at the bottom of the garden and the discovery of a hidden portal to a mysterious world.
Altar Ego: Book Cover Altar Ego
Five star rating
A young girl's sexual fantasy on a hot summer morning, a wild and vivid distraction when she should have been paying attention in church.
Inconstant Moon: Book Cover Inconstant Moon
Four star rating
Set on a distant planet. One woman's disatisfaction with the man of the household and her commune sisters leads to world-changing revelations.
The Devil Within: Book Cover The Devil Within
Four star rating
Set in the darkest part of the Middle Ages, this tale explores the everyday lives and most intimate sexual relationships of three unconventional women.
Power and Pleasure: Book Cover Power and Pleasure
Work in Progress
An ancient and very powerful - yet still beautiful - witch takes an interest in a new and rather unusual man, with unexpected consequences.
Paradise Finessed: Book Cover Paradise Finessed
Four star rating
What really happened in the Garden of Eden? What were the Angels really up to? And why on Earth was it such a paradise?
The Faerie Sex: Book Cover The Faerie Sex
Work in Progress
A bedtime tale of an unexpected encounter in a sunny glade. What are the origins of this unusual couple?
XXX Factor Auditions: Book Cover XXX Factor Auditions
Work in Progress
A behind-the-scenes look at next year's favourite erotic talent show.
Bratz!: Book Cover Bratz!
Four star rating
A near-future science fiction story featuring full-size animated toys - but for adults.
Lesbos Paradiso: Book Cover Lesbos Paradiso
Four star rating
A future world inhabited entirely by lesbian women. But is there trouble in paradise?
Like Mother, Like Daughter: Book Cover Like Mother, Like Daughter
Four star rating
A sequel to The Devil Within, welcomes a newcomer to the all-female household.
Skyclad Satisfaction: Book Cover Skyclad Satisfaction
Work in Progress
Third story in the The Devil Within sequence. A traditional celebration of the Summer Solstice.
Club Paradiso: Book Cover Club Paradiso
Work in Progress
A sequel to Lesbos Paradiso, explores the mores of a quite different world.
Changing Habits: Book Cover Changing Habits
Work in Progress
The fourth story in the The Devil Within sequence. The coven visits the Abbess at the nunnery.

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Warning: adult erotic content