This work started as a collection of related erotic stories, but it seems to have got out of hand and turned itself into a full-length science fiction novel - although still with plenty of erotic passages.

The premise for this novel is all too plausible, in my view: firstly, the only way to ensure humanity's continued existence on this planet is to set up a technology-mediated society where no-one wants for anything: no poverty, no thirst, no starvation - and where policing is absolute: no crime, no pain, no injustice.

Secondly, such a society must have pervasive surveillance, so nothing can be concealed - and so no-one even tries to hide anything. Simply, no-one cares what other people do; there is no notion of privacy.
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Finally, in a society where all basic wants and needs are effortlessly catered for, some people will still strive for advancement, some will indulge in games and hobbies, some will devote themselves to the arts, some will collapse into the solipsism of drugs, and some will do the natural thing: have lots and lots of sex.

Of course, there are certain to be some people who have moral objections to such a society...

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Warning: adult erotic content

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