Chatting with PAULA Collection Book Cover These pages introduce a growing selection of original erotic short stories (some still incomplete), expected to be brought together as a published collection under the title Chatting with PAULA.

More short stories are being worked on and will be posted them here from time to time. New cover artwork for each tale is also under development. Let us know what you think of the stories and pictures by email.

Disclaimer: All stories and other content in these pages are works of fiction, and any similarity with real people, places or incidents is purely coincidental.

Feel free to link to any of the stories in these pages from your own pages or blogs. But, please note that most stories are copyright, so please do not reproduce anything on other websites, or in other media, without prior written permission.

Never the Same: Book Cover Never The Same
Five star rating
For one young woman, life has got stuck in a rut. A chance meeting with an older and more experienced man leads to a more fulfilling relationship with her fiance.
An erotic encounter which is unexpectedly both theraputic and life-changing.
Twice Changed: Book Cover Twice Changed
Work in Progress
For one young man, life has got stuck in a rut. A chance meeting with an older and more experienced woman leads to a more fulfilling relationship with his fiance.
A companion story to Never The Same
The Younger Model: Book Cover The Younger Model
Work in Progress
Energetic sexual antics in front of the camera leads to a deeper revelation for a young glamour model and her older acquaintances.
A coincidence? Or the climax of a plan?
Provocative in Pearls: Book Cover Provocative in Pearls
Work in Progress
A simple strand of pearls, with so many exciting possibilities. A couple explores their use to enhance their sexual play.
But what is the real motivation for each of them?
Strip Poker Secrets: Book Cover Strip Poker Secrets
Work in Progress
Chance meetings in a private room in a bar in the big city. Everyone has a secret and everyone wants to play.
But will all their Strip Poker Secrets be exposed by the game of cards?
Training the Rabbi: Book Cover Training the Rabbi
Three star rating
An erotic fantasy set in recent times. A lesbian bondage story when two young female students, once friends and lovers in their university days, meet again in later life.
Dark Paradise: Book Cover Dark Paradise
Four star rating
A chance encounter on a tropical island; a whirlwind of breathless passion and sexual need in the warm darkness of an equatorial night.
Chatting with PAULA: Book Cover Chatting with PAULA
Five star rating
Can you be sure you know who is behind your Instant Messanging chats and social website interactions? This warning tale pits machine intelligence against cyber-sex encounters on the Internet.
But does anyone understand what is really going on?

Warning: The stories in these pages feature strong erotic and adult content. If you are under legal age, or do not wish to be exposed to material of a sexual nature, then please click your browser back button now.

Warning: adult erotic content