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Let me know if you get this email. Paula

First voice: "Hey guys, look at this."

Hi Paula, I got it.

I'm LoriAnne. I'm a single lesbian and live in Virginia Beach
with my six year old daughter, Rachel or Rach.  I had her two
days after my 15th birthday so you can see we've basically
always been together. I truly live for her and she does me too.
She is my life.  We are just inseparable.

I hope we can talk sometime. Your profile seems so interesting.


First voice: "She's got one - she's actually got an email contact."

Second voice: "Brill. Where did she latch onto her?"

First voice: "From It's a chat room site - social networking, that kind of thing."

Third voice: "At least it's not FaceBook."


Glad we’ve got the email sorted out!

We will chat a lot, I feel sure of it, but I’m busy just now.
I’ll write more when I get home from work.

Here’s a few pictures of me.  What do you think?

More very soon, I promise.  Paula
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First voice: "Where did all these pictures come from?"

Third voice: "Um, they're old photos of my wife."

First voice: "Oh. Lovely lady."

Second voice: "I didn't know you were married."

Third voice: "I'm not, not any more. She left me for another woman."

First voice: "Is that really true?"

Third voice: "No, it's a line from an old Woody Allen movie. But very close, though."

Hi Paula,

I liked the pictures and I really would love to get to
know you.  Are you lesbian? Are you single?  Do you have
children? There are so many things I would like to know
about you and have you learn about me and Rach. I think
you would find her so fascinating. Much more so than me.


First voice: "I think that counts as a pickup."

Second voice: "So it does. Do we have scripted material for this situation?”

First voice: "Should do. Let’s see what she picks."

Hi LoriAnne

About me?  Well, where to start?  I describe myself as bisexual.
I do enjoy the company of men, in and out of bed.  I've even
gone as far as marrying - and divorcing - two of them.  No
children though.

But I've always felt sexually attracted to women - I had a
fling with my best friend at school one summer, and she taught
me a lot about myself.  Right now, I have no-one really special.
Oh, there are a couple of dear lady friends I see from time to
time - my friend whose picture is on my Slated page is one I
see just occasionally.  She lives 100 miles away, and we get
together when her husband is away on business.

I don't watch much TV, or even listen to the radio very much.
I'm a rather wordy kind of person, I suppose, and TV, etc.
prevents me from hearing the sounds inside my head.

I'm a career academic - trying to make a success of my life at
the University.  Takes a lot of work, and then there's all the
politics, too.  Ugh!

I'd like to learn more about you and Rach.  Likes and dislikes,
how you spend your days together, what you want to achieve in
your life, and what you'd like Rach to achieve, too.

Oh, and in case it's not obvious, I do think you've got a very
sexy little body - great pictures! - and one that I'd like to
learn more about.  But please don't let my horniness get in the
way of our friendship.

Here's a few more snaps of me that perhaps you'll like?

Affectionately, Paula.

Second voice: "More pictures of your ex-wife?"

Third voice: "Yeah. I took them on our honeymoon."

First voice: "Oh. You must have had an interesting marriage."

Third voice: "It was OK for a while - she found me too boring eventually."

First voice: "Can’t imagine why."

Hi Paula,

Thanks for writing me back about you. I am definitely
interested in you. Such sexy pictures - you have a
wonderful body.  Kisses for you.

Rach is here with me right now. I should tell you, we
live a totally nude lifestyle in our home.

We are totally inseparable. I love her very much and she
loves me as well.

I'm so glad you are open-minded.  I'm pretty open, but a
lot of people aren't.

Thanks for understanding.


First voice: "So the pictures are effective."

Second voice: "Yeah. But what about her having her daughter there, and nude?"

Third voice: "Hmm. Do we have script for this situation?"

First voice: "Don’t think so? Let’s see what she makes of it."

Hi LoriAnne,

I love the idea of your nude lifestyle.  Wish I could do
it all the time.  I've been naked at home quite often this
summer - although the weather is getting colder now.  I do
find I’m keeping the blinds closed a lot of the time.

I also seem to be living a single-lesbian lifestyle - my
(very few) sexual encounters - old friends, usually - are
all with women, and I'm finding when I'm horny - which is
a lot of the time just now - it is the touch of a lady
friend that I desire the most.

Of course, the combination of living alone, feeling horny
and being naked leads inevitably to touching myself fairly
often - usually in front of a mirror!

Anyway, back to work now - will write again later.

Many, many kisses for you, and Rach of course.


Second voice: "is this all still scripted? I didn’t think we had anything that matched."

First voice: "Most of it is script. She’s picking bits from several places to assemble this stuff."

Third voice: "Hmm. Fairly convincing, though, don’t you think?"

Oh Paula,

You sound so interesting. I know what you mean about having
the curtains pulled all the time. Fortunately, our home is
kind of isolated on some acres in a wooded area so we can
even go outdoors sometimes. It’s just such a free feeling.
My daughter loves it.

I guess I should also tell you that Rach and I have the same
father. My mom died when I was 10 and I guess I just sort of
took her place in his life soon after that. Anyway at 14 I was
pregnant and my mom's parents took me in and I had Rach and
she is the joy of my life.

My grandparents died 3 years ago and Rach and I inherited
everything in their estate, including their home and property.
We both miss them terribly but they left us where we don’t have
to worry about anything.

My life is pretty much about Rachel. I am even home-schooling
her. It gives me a chance to learn a lot of things I missed
and teach her too.

Oh well, I'm probably telling you a lot more than you want to


Third voice: "So, she’s young, rich and a right slut."

Second voice: "That’s unfair. She’s been raped at a young age, got pregnant by her father and she’s just making the best of it."

First voice: "Lonely, too."

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