The Rabbi lay naked in the center on her office desk, the worn green leather already marked in several places with her most intimate juices. Her large soft breasts with their oversize dark nipples were still rising and falling steadily. She was breathing heavily, still recovering from her second orgasm of the afternoon.

As I watched, appreciating the curvaceous form of her thighs, another bead of moisture - no doubt some mixture of the lubricants, natural and synthetic, I had been using - oozed from between her legs. The droplet ran onto the scattered papers she had not had time to remove when I arrived - demanding that she strip immediately - and blurred the printed characters of several alphabets and numerous languages.

I carefully unpacked the last, and largest, of the sex toys from its padded compartment in the briefcase I had brought with me. I placed it upright on a corner of the desk, balanced precariously on the polished wood border. Her eyes widened as she watched me slowly oil the huge dong; I needed both hands to massage the lubrication over its black ribbed surface.

I could see her swollen and oh-so-sensitive clit standing out in the soft folds of her reddened vagina lips. As usual I had forbidden her to touch herself, knowing just how quickly she would come again if she was allowed to do so.

I bent forward, brushing her face with my own jet-black hair, now untied and flowing loose. She raised her strong chin defiantly, her own hair - still naturally black - falling away from her forehead as she did so.

"Now, my dear, your last lesson from the Doctor for today," I said softly into her ear, "I need you to come on this for me. And, if you're very good, I'll allow you to touch yourself right at the end - maybe I'll even do it for you."

She gulped, then nodded, spreading her legs wide once again and knocking the dildo I had been using on her earlier to the plush office carpet, joining the one I had used to release her first orgasm.

The oil on the latest toy glistened in the light from the desk lamp as I held it up once more for her inspection. The hints of sunlight filtering though the closed shutters scattered from the motes of dust suspended in the air and cast deep shadows over the bookcases in the corners of the office.

"You are going to enjoy this," I told her, moving to stand between her wide-open legs and holding the tip of the toy against her lips, "Nearly as much as me."

Her moans turned to screams as I started to ease the huge dildo inside her.

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