This story is the fourth in the sequence which began with The Devil Within and includes Like Mother, Like Daughter and Skyclad Satisfaction.
If you have not already read the earlier stories, then it is strongly recommended that you take the opportunity to do so first.

Changing Habits Book Cover As autumn drew in, our evening rituals proceeded in the fashion to which we had become accustomed. I would direct Cissy or Diana to bolt and bar the doors and shutters, draw the heavy curtains and stoke up the fire. Then we would gently help one another out of the stiffly-starched and stifling clothes which convention required us to wear. Once naked, we would bathe one another's bodies, afterwards vigorously toweling each other dry, and then brush one another's hair - both mine and Cissy's was long and lustrous, my dark locks a contrast to Cissy's blonde, while Diana's viciously cropped curls were still growing out.

With the fire blazing, we would take turns to massage one another's bodies with one of the unique oils and lotions that we keep for just this very purpose, giving special attention to our breasts and nipples, as well as those more sensitive areas between our legs. With fingers now lubricated with oil and very soon with our own most intimate juices, we would give and take our pleasures from one another.

With three women in the house, all entirely comfortable with exploring one another's bodies, numerous variations and positions were available to us. Over the summer, we had explored so many possibilities and we had each, I knew, our own favorite habits and preferences.

One this occasion, it was my pleasure to watch my dear companions together on the floor while I reclined on a chair. Indeed, my pleasure was such that I was running my own oiled fingers between my own pussy lips while Cissy knelt to press her face between Diana's legs.

Cissy's tongue, so nimble and quick in many fashions, and so experienced in the ways of passion, was lapping greedily at Diana's clit while her strong fingers slipped into her welcoming opening. As I watched, and with my own excitement rising within me, Diana reached an explosive orgasm, her cries of delight and release mingling with my own as I reacted to the passion of my friends.

Cissy sat back on the rug and turned to me, a wicked grin on her face as she licked the taste of Diana's juices from her lips. I slid forward off the chair and gently pressed her backwards to lay on the furs. She spread her legs invitingly while I knelt forward to taste her lips. She was, I could tell, already very excited and I felt sure she would soon experience her own satisfying climax. It was, after all, only fair that I should provide for Cissy that which Diana and I had already received.


Once entirely satisfied - this frequently required more than one climax each, for we are all very sensual and demanding women - we take to our bed. For the sake of appearances, should we receive any unexpected or nosy visitors, each of us possessed our own bed. As befitted their places in the eyes of the world, both Diana and Cissy had a palliasse in separate rooms under the rafters, while I occupied what would have been the master bedroom if my husband had still been alive. My bed was a four-poster and more than big enough for three, which was just as well since, more often than not, all three of us would climb in and sleep together, usually naked in all but the coldest weather.

On that evening, my dear companions fell asleep quickly enough, but I found that sleep evaded me. I lay in the still darkness, listening to the gentle susurrations from the nearby pillows. Our lovemaking, normally so passionate and fulfilling, had tonight left me - well, not frustrated, but with a feeling that there was something missing.

In truth, it had been a wonderful summer, Cissy and I exploring with Diana all of the many and varied practices and toys that we had learned over the years. But we had, perhaps, fallen into a rut: our life was full enough, with our work on the potions and elixirs in the building we still called the Old Dairy and of course we still managed to satisfy each other's most basic needs.

As I lay in the darkness, I concluded that there did seem to be something missing; some spark of adventure and excitement that we were not quite finding. It was time for a change of habit, I thought, some expansion of the closed little world occupied exclusively by the three of us. I was not sure what form this might take, but I resolved to keep an eye open for any opportunity which might present itself.

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