Like Mother, Like Daughter Book Cover As spring warmed into summer, Mother always insisted that we shave the hair from our bodies, at the armpit and most especially around those most intimate areas between our legs. This she recommended partially for reasons of health and hygiene but, much more importantly, to further enhance the pleasures that Cissy and I would take. She and I are very close, and both of us have long eschewed the company of men, preferring to find passion and release from each other.

Not that this was an admission we would have made publicly, of course. Our narrow-minded and God-fearing neighbors would have no tolerance for our permissive attitudes and behaviors; we would have been turned out of our cottage at the very least and, quite possibly, burnt at the stake as witches.

Even though Mother was no longer with us - she had died after a short illness a few winters ago - we continued to follow her guidance and teachings, but we took good care to make sure we did so unobserved. So one evening, once again with doors bolted and shutters barred, we set about our ablutions with care and diligence.

First we built up the fire in the range, having earlier filled buckets and kettles with clear water from the well. Once both room and water were suitably warm, we undressed each other, laying our skirts and petticoats carefully over the dresser. Cissy was first to bathe in the tin bath in front of the fire, while I helped to soap and sponge her back and other places more difficult to reach, and then her breasts and belly just for the fun of it.

Then it was my turn in the soapy water with Cissy, now wrapped in a large towel, taking the opportunity to make sure my back was quite clean and that the curves of my ass and thighs got all the cleansing attention they deserved.

Before the water got too cold, I too emerged and swaddled myself in a towel. We sat together on stools in front of the fire to allow our locks to dry and to help each other untangle the curls. Once dry, we brushed each other's hair which we kept long and free when we were alone, unlike the tight buns and enclosing scarves that we were expected to sport when we were abroad in the neighborhood.

With a bowl of warm water and a new bar of soap to hand, Cissy and I took turns to shave, deploying the cut-throat razor that had belonged to my husband. There was much giggling and just a little nervousness at being touched in such an intimate place with what is, in reality, a dangerously sharp weapon.

Once again smooth and hair-free, we rubbed lavender-scented oil into each other's skin, the oil being one of the unguents we manufactured entirely for our own use. We took care to ensure that our breasts and nipples were attended to thoroughly, as well as the soft lips and openings between our legs.

These activities would also have been frowned upon by society, should anyone have been so impolite to have looked. We have taken great care to ensure there are no spy-holes in our walls or gaps between our shutters.

By now cleansed and coiffed and intimately massaged, both Cissy and I were ready for something more. From its place in the back of the dresser, I took out a little wooden rocker, originally a child's plaything. The original paint was by now faded and worn, and the wood underneath was polished smooth by generations of hands and bodies.

Meanwhile, from another hiding-place in the scullery, Cissy retrieved a couple of wooden cylinders with rounded ends, which resembled nothing so much as a pair of spare handles for some gardening implement or kitchen tool. A cunning arrangement of holes and slots allowed these cylinders to be firmly attached to the seat of the rocker, so that the smoothly rounded ends stuck straight upwards.

As one movement, Cissy and I discarded our towels and straddled the old toy rocker, slipping the rods into our already oiled and waiting pussies with practiced ease. Facing each other on the seat, kissing and nibbling each others lips and neck, breasts bouncing freely, we rocked ourselves to a crescendo of ecstasy as we experimented once again with the pleasures of each others bodies.

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