This story is a second sequel to The Devil Within and Like Mother, Like Daughter. If you have not already read the earlier stories, then I recommend you do so first.

Skyclad Satisfaction Book Cover (More coming soon..)


We did not need a fire, or lanterns or candles to be able to enjoy the pleasures and satisfactions of one others bodies at this time. The night was already quite warm enough and, at this time of year in these latitudes, the sky barely got entirely dark even at midnight. Besides, the moon was up, a gibbous orb that seemed preternaturally bright even against a sky where the sun had barely sunk below the horizon, so there was more than enough light to be able to appreciate one another’s pale skin and dark eyes.

Our veranda overlooked our own private garden. This large space was one where we cultivated many of the herbs and tubers we used in our potions. It was filled with carefully-tended rows of sage and lemon balm, fennel and rosemary, garlic and holy basil. In the warm still air, the heady scent of the garden mingled with the familiar perfumes of our own skin and the more intimate moistures we had already sensed on our lips and our fingers.

Our garden was sheltered on three sides with high hedges that we had put some not inconsiderable effort into laying and trimming and fertilizing over the years, with only a single narrow gate - now firmly bolted - to provide access from the rest of the grounds. The hedge itself was an artfully-chosen mixture of thorns and evergreens, now full-grown, which provided a barrier impervious both to the passage of any creature larger than a rabbit, or to the sight of any human.

On the fourth side, we had taken advantage of a natural feature of the land. The southern boundary of our grounds was marked by a low stone wall, the far side of which was a forty-foot drop into a stream-cut valley. Anyone attempting to make their way out of the ravine would have to claw their way up a slippery grassy bank: not impassible by any means, but difficult to undertake with any degree of stealth or silence.

So we felt confident in our privacy here. On summer nights, when the mood took us, we would disrobe and walk naked in our garden to feel the cool air on our nude bodies and, energized and impassioned, slake our most urgent desires with the aid of our sisters.

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