A Perfect Disguise Book Cover "Last call!" the bartender yelled across the crowded room. The yell barely registering in Joe's mind, having struck out multiple times with girls this evening; the shouting man meant little more than the close to another night of sleeping alone. He finished up his beer, the yellow liquid having no choice but to drain from the glass to his mouth. Completely emptying the glass he discarded the hollow and now lifeless container.

Standing up with little thought for anything more than maintaining his balance, Joe rose to his feet. Leaving the bar he began his 7 block walk back to his apartment. The neighborhood was falling apart, filled with run-down buildings and alleys that looked like they could be used by homeless people to sleep in, or a place where women were raped. Thoughts like these no longer bothered Joe, and even when they did these fears could never penetrate the inebriated fog that filled his mind.

Getting a couple blocks away from the bar things became desolate, he soon found himself walking alone with no one else in eye sight. Joe's thoughts were focused on large succulent tits with large hard nipples begging to get inside his mouth as he traveled. His cock throbbed as his thoughts drifted to images of a naked girl spread out naked before him on her back; her large tits thrust up proudly into the air while her legs where spread wide. Between those legs lay what his cock coveted most; a wet pussy begging to be deeply and continuously filled.

"I wonder if I have any lube left at home," Joe muttered under his breath as his pace quickened.

Turning the last corner two short blocks away from his building he noticed something odd. There, in the middle of the block about 15 feet in front of him was a young woman, probably around 18-20 years old. She was short, maybe 5'4" and thin although she seemed to have enormous tits. She was wearing a tight black dress that barely covered her body, and had long black hair.

Joe figured that she must be a hooker; why else would she be standing out here like this at almost 3am? Slowing his pace as he neared this girl he noticed her large mirror finished sunglasses. "Little dark for sunglasses isn't it?" He said as his gaze inadvertently drifted down to her exposed cleavage.

After getting an eye full he looked back up at the girl; she was smiling at him. "Do you always wear sunglasses at night?" he pressed. Still he received no response from this girl, just a welcoming smile, a slight step towards him and an arch of her back which brought her tits to attention much closer to his face.

Joe's pulse quickened. He had never hired a hooker before. His mind rationalizing with itself on the subject; why not? He had paid for dates with women that led to sex, he had bought them gifts. He had been paying for things with women that got him laid. What is the difference if he is directly paying a woman to let him fuck her, as opposed to buying dinner so she will?

"Are you, uh, are you looking for a date?" Joe asked her in what he believed was hooker slang. She took another step towards him and maintained that smile directly at him. This woman's tits were a few short centimeters from being pressed to his chest. Joe could see her nipples were hard and pressed against the thin black fabric; the flesh clearly visible enough for him to see them between the threads.

"I only live a couple blocks from here, would you like to come to my place?" He offered, his dick prayed she would accept. Still maintaining that broad smile she brought one of her small hands to lightly graze across the front of Joe's entrapped erection. Believing she knew what he was requesting, he began to walk in excitement. "It's just a block further this way, come on." He waved her to follow him. She walked after him just a few feet behind with her tits thrust forward leading the way while that smile not once leaving her motionless face.

His door swinging open Joe went inside, "Please come in." The girl quickly coming in after him, Joe closed the door behind her. With the door closed he turned to her. "How much do your charge for... for this?" He looked her up and down, eager to get his cock deeply between her slender thighs; he awaited a response.

She stood there seemingly dumbfounded by the question, although she seemed happy as she was still smiling. "Do you have a standard fee for this kind of thing? You know... sex?" Using her hands she slipped off the straps on her shoulders holding her dress up. Quickly gravity pulled it to the ground leaving her completely nude.

The first thing Joe noticed was that her body was completely hairless everywhere the dress covered, and she wore no undergarments. Her body was slender; there were a gap between her legs right by her V shaped labia. Her tits were robust and firm looking. Her nipples seemed to be incredibly hard as if she were exponentially aroused already; and eager to fuck.

She stood naked and motionless facing Joe. Taking in the vision he felt his cock pulse. "Right down to business huh? Ok." Joe quickly removing his clothes was soon as naked as she was; completely. His cock standing to attention as it pointed directly to her; it knew where it wanted to be.

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