At the Chateau Book Cover You are driving around the countryside with me on a Saturday morning. You are dressed appropriately; a simple white blouse with buttons down the front, a white skirt and sneakers. You are wearing no underwear. It is a warm and sunny day.

All of a sudden, I pull the car over to the side of the road.

"It is time for your third lesson," I say.

You immediately begin to get wet.

"You must be totally obedient today," I say. "Are you ready to do that?"

"Yes, sir," you answer.

I open the glove compartment and take out handcuffs and a blindfold. Your heart jumps. I attach your hands behind your head to the headrest of your seat. I then attach the blindfold. Suddenly, you can't see anything. Your other senses seem to heighten and you feel a familiar stirring between your legs.

"Spread your knees," I say.

You follow the instructions. Then you feel my hands slowly, pulling your skirt up to the level of your hips. You feel a slight draft across your shaved pussy. The car starts again and imprisoned like this, you drive for perhaps ten minutes.

As soon as the car stops, you feel your hands being released from the head rest. The car door opens and you feel a hand on each arm guiding you up some stairs. You are moved inside a door and then the hands leave your arms. A moment later your hands are attached above your head. Then nothing happens for several minutes. You are very excited with anticipation.

After a while, you hear footsteps. Your blindfold is removed and you take a look at your surroundings. You are in a hallway of a large mansion. There are paintings on the walls and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. In front of you is a beautiful woman of about your age. She has short curly blond hair with brown eyes. She is completely naked. As you look down you see she has the familiar leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her pubic hair has been shaved off just like yours. You look at her breasts and see a gold ring going through each large brown nipple.

"Your nipples!" you blurt out.

The woman smiles at you and, moving her hands under your blouse, takes one of your breasts in each hand. "It hurt at first," she says, "but now these rings give me incredible pleasure. Sometimes you can make me come just by playing with them."

She squeezes your nipples at first gently and then harder. You give out a little moan. "You'll like it when it's done to you," she says. Then she removes your handcuffs and says, "Follow me."

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