Suzie Q's Party Game Book Cover You are at a party with Paul. You know about a third of the people and it seems a friendly group. People are getting to know each other and a group in the back bedroom is playing "Dare".

Dare, you find out, is a game where you pick a card when your turn comes and must accept the dare, or take off something. One man is shirtless when you walk in, so the game has been going for a little while. One girl you don't know is in her slip. You ask Paul to join the game with you, but he wants to talk to some friends in the kitchen. You go in alone.

When your turn comes, you are to, "With a blindfold on, Kiss three members of the opposite sex and then say who was who."

Three men are picked out, you are blindfolded.

The first seems to be trying to lick your tonsils. The second uses less tongue, but spends nearly a minute feeling your ass as he kisses you. The third also uses a lot of tongue and not only feels your ass, but fondles your breasts as well. You tolerate all of it because if you stop any of them, you will fail the dare.

You take off the blindfold and correctly pick out the three, one because of a beard, and the other two because of a guess at their height.

When it is your turn again, a woman is down to bra and panties, a man to his shorts, and you draw, "Show your underwear to anyone who can guess its color. Three people can try."

You take a deep breath because you are wearing a garter belt with matching see-through black panties. You know that one can easily read through them.

Again three men are picked from the group. The first guesses that you aren't wearing any. You laugh and tell him he's wrong.

The second guesses black, and you realize he's won. You get him to back up and lift your dress so that only he can see. He whistles appreciatively.

The host of the game tells you that since you lost you have to take something off, and with a sly grin you reach under your skirt and untie the ends of your panties and set them on the dresser with the other discarded clothing. As you watch, two men lose trousers and a woman loses her bra, and two people quit the game leaving only about ten of you in there.

The woman with nothing covering her breasts reminds the group that you haven't had as many questions as the rest and suggests that you get 2 extra to get even with the group.

The group ignores your answer and quickly votes to give you the extra dares.

Your next card says, "Take off your bra without unfastening anything on your dress or blouse."

As your bra opens in the front, you are able to open it and pass each half down one of your arms without real trouble. As people see it comments are made that it can easily be seen through. The host tells you that a rule of the game forbids putting anything back on.

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