Teaching Orgasms Book Cover Since I started masturbating at the age of 13 years old, I've always been obsessed by the idea of orgasming. In fact, I think every girl looks for a good orgasm while masturbating. Today I'm 22 and I don't regret any of what took place then.

First of all, I'll describe us (my three friends and I). Julie was the cutest of the group. She was petite, thin, with small breasts, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Marie was a lot more like the average teenager; average weight, medium breasts that I estimate were 32B, and she was also a blonde except she had brown eyes. Lucie was the brunette. She looked pretty much like Marie but she was a bit thinner. I didn't consider myself as a cute girl at the time. I also was like Marie and Lucie, but had black hair, 32A breasts, and was a bit more tanned than any of the others.

So anyway, on with the story: It was a hot summer day during vacation time, and we decided to stay cool inside since we had no money to go anywhere. My three best friends and I were 14 at the time, with nothing particular to do. Julie, Marie, and I were at Lucie's house talking about guys. Suddenly, we started talking about sex and then masturbation. We all admitted that masturbation wasn't something new to us.

Masturbation had been an important activity in my private life for some time. Even though I shared my room with my older brother, who was four years older than me, it didn't stop me from doing a few things when I was on my own.

I discovered how I could have fun by myself when I was taking a shower and accidentally opened my pussy lips too much when washing. I'd felt this strange, yet good sensation throughout my body. Since that moment, I started fingering myself more and more. At first I did it once a week but as time passed by, I fingered myself everyday. It didn't take me long to reach an orgasm. A few weeks were enough to make me a masturbation addict.

Actually as we talked about it, the fact that Julie had never experienced one finally came out. Even though she used mostly the same techniques as us, she never had the rush of a great orgasm.

At first I though she was pulling our leg but when she asked us to tell her what we did to feel so good after fingering ourselves I had to believe her. We tried to explain how it worked for us, but ended up confusing her more. Then in frustration she asked us if we could show her how we did it.

I for one didn't really knew how to react to that. It was something we did in the privacy of our own homes, and that nobody was supposed to see it. I mean, we were all heterosexual and felt no sexual attraction toward other girls. I was hesitant about doing anything like that but Lucie told us she didn't cared and was willing to show her how she did it.

Marie and I were weirded out but we stayed in the room out of simple curiosity.

Lucie stood up and undressed, she was wearing baggy pants with a black tank top. Underneath she had grey panties made of something that looked a bit like spandex, and she wore a red bra. We all watched as she took off every piece of clothing. When she bent over to take her panties off I couldn't look away, it was the first time I'd seen another girl's pussy and I just had to look. She had a bit of brown hair down there, all wispy and she looked a lot like me.

Lucie told Julie that she'd have to get naked too. That if she was going to show her how to do it, Julie couldn't do it with her clothes on. So Julie followed her example.

In my opinion Julie was a bit sexier looking that Lucie. She was wearing a small see-through top, and underneath she had on a black bra. A dark blue skirt was the only thing that barely covered her black panties. It was a big surprise for me when I noticed that she was already a bit wet.

Marie and I stood there was Lucie and Julie climbed on the bed. Luckily for us, Lucie was an only child and her parents both worked during day, otherwise, this whole experiment would have been impossible. Marie and I watched Julie who was staring at Lucie's pussy. Then Lucie began to rub herself and at the same time instruct Julie to do the same. When Lucie began to finger herself, and Julie followed suit I started feeling that familiar sensation between our legs.

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