Yummy Picnic Book Cover The day is warm and sunny as I drive up to your house - perfect for the picnic we've been planning for weeks. I tap the horn, and you come running out of the house.

As you cross the lawn, I take advantage of the opportunity to watch your breasts bounce and your body gracefully sways under the lightweight blue dress you're wearing. This is not without effect - when you reach the car, my cock is almost poking out the leg of my white shorts, and the bulge created by its length is plainly visible. We kiss quickly, and I slide the car out into traffic.

The drive to the marina is only about half an hour, but seems to take forever. We even have a few near misses when my attention drifts from the road's hazards to your charms, but we eventually arrive safely to find my uncle's boat right where he promised it would be. It starts up on the first try, powerful engine roaring, and we skim out over the water, leaving a trail of churned white foam behind us.

Soon we are out on the open sea, bouncing across the waves. Here, where there is nothing to hit, I'm paying more attention to you than to the boat. You are teasingly shifting in the seat to make your skirt slide higher up your thighs, and leaning over to examine the dashboard, not incidentally giving me glimpses of your tanned tits sliding inside your blouse.

All of this is giving me a monumental hard-on, a detail that has not escaped your notice. We spend the entire hour making each other hotter and hotter without a single touch. By the time we reach the secluded cove on the back side of Catalina, both of us are fantastically horny.

I run the boat up to the shore, and help you out - not missing the chance to caress your soft breast and give the stiff nipple a quick squeeze. Handing you the blanket, I grab the paper bag and ice chest that hold our provisions, and we walk up the shore several yards to a grassy little area overhung by shady trees. You spread out the blanket and barely have it on the ground before I am holding you tightly, my hands squeezing your bottom, my groin rubbing against your belly, and my mouth locked to yours, tongues writhing and twisting together. Our embrace lasts for several minutes, just holding each other close and kissing hotly.

Finally I raise my head and say, "Shall we eat?"

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