Private Dancer Book Cover This story takes place inside a "very private" club that caters to a special clientele. Socially and sexually sophisticated jet-setters visit this club whenever they are in town. There are places like the Pink Pussy elsewhere, but none quite so entertaining.

Gretchen is a private dancer. She's had many experiences in her young life, but the one she describes here is one of her favorites.

She was born in Eastern Germany, in a small hamlet called Hetzobaden, and grew up in an authoritarian society. When the Berlin Wall fell, she was one of the first people to leave, gravitating to Berlin and becoming an exotic dancer because of her outstanding looks.

She soon had more money than she'd ever thought possible. She was a very talented dancer, in great demand.

After a year or so of dancing in Berlin clubs Gretchen was given an opportunity to make big money, in one of the private sex clubs in Munich. Today she is a private dancer at the best one, and her act is fascinating to watch.

I'll let her take the story on from there...


I met Kristen and Kathy last year at the Pink Pussy. I'd worked there for almost six months by then, and remember seeing them walk into the bar area and sit down for a drink or conversation.

It was unusual for unescorted women to visit the Pink Pussy unless they were gay. This couple, however, didn't look that way to me, and, believe me, I can usually tell.

I was in the middle of my act when they came in, and I couldn't see them that well, but it struck me that they looked rather young to be there. The platinum blonde had a certain magnetism for me and I couldn't take my eyes off her, at least not until Kurt jammed his big weenie into my mouth.

At that point I lost track of the girls. I'd been on stage for about 20 minutes, and we were about to start the really wild stuff. The act was popular with the customers, and there was a lot for me to do. I had to concentrate, because it isn't easy to take in something that big right up to the hilt.

Kurt began fucking my mouth with his big dick, and I went into my act. I let him push me down on the floor of the stage and penetrate my mouth and throat as deeply as he would a woman's vagina. Believe me when I say that taking a man's erect penis up to the hilt in one's throat takes a certain talent. Most women can't do it, no matter how hard they try; the gag reflex is very hard to avoid.

But it was part of our act, so Kurt was pumping away, in and out of my throat, and I was massaging his big balls. The act required us to pretend to be members of the audience who'd gone up on stage to have sex in front of everybody. Many in the audience would follow us as the evening wore on, and it was our job to get the ball rolling.

I've always enjoyed exhibiting myself in public. I'm proud of my body, and work hard to keep it just right. (I've enclosed my picture with this story; it's the one Kristen and Kathy would have seen displayed inside the private lobby, behind the regular night-club. They show all our pictures, so that people won't be upset if they notice we're not really just part of the audience. You'll like my picture. It's my favorite.)

As Kurt started to get excited - and I can always tell when that happens - he pumped away even harder into my mouth. At the last moment, as planned, he pulled out and sprayed me with a healthy load of spunk.

As usual, I tried to catch it in my mouth while he jerked his wanger about, kneeling at my side. It was very messy, as always, and the audience loved it, getting to their feet and cheering us on.

Kurt's a good boy; there aren't too many men who could come two or three times a night in front of a crowd. If I were a man, I think I'd get so bored with sex I'd have a hard time ejaculating. Well, maybe not, because I can orgasm many times on stage, and I've been doing this for quite a while.

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