Strip Poker Book Cover The girl with the long dark hair lost again. Slowly, tantalizingly, Renee began unbuttoning the small buttons down the front of her blouse. As each button slipped through her fingers, the fabric parted further to show the tanned flesh of her chest, and to reveal her large breasts which seemed ready to burst through the lacy black bra she was still wearing.

While Chuck looked admiringly at her perky breasts, caressing their curves with his eyes, the girl with the auburn hair to his right shuffled the cards for the next round of their game. So far, it was just plain strip poker, but the girls, when they persuaded him to join them, had promised him some interesting variations later...

It was late at night, he had just been about to leave the party when the four girls had come up to him. They were the only people still in the house, all the other guys having left already. After some embarrassed giggling and shuffling among the girls, a tall blonde asked him if he wanted to play cards with them. Chuck hesitated briefly, wondering what they were up to. Apart from the hostess, a petite brunette named Susan, with long, curly hair and small, firm breasts, he didn't know any of the girls. They all appeared fairly drunk, and in a mood for mischief. But the blonde, seeing his hesitation, stepped closer, and putting her arms around him, promised him a real interesting game. He could feel her pointed breasts rubbing against his chest, and driven by the growing reaction between his legs, he heard himself say yes.

The five of them went into the living room and sat down on the soft carpet in a circle. Susan was sitting on his left, and since she was the hostess for the evening's party, she brought out a deck of cards and started shuffling them. To his right was a curvy auburn-haired beauty named Jennifer, and next to her sat Renee, the girl with long dark hair. Lori, the playful blonde, sat between Susan and Renee, completing the circle. After Chuck cut the cards, Susan dealt out five cards each, and the poker game started.

The girl with the long dark hair lost the first round, but all that cost her was a pair of high-heeled shoes.

"That's not fair, Renee," complained the blonde, "both Jennifer and I were barefoot from the start."

Renee smirked and replied, "Too late now, Lori, you should've thought of that before we started. Besides, you're wearing nylons and I'm not. And how about you, Susan, what do you have on under that fancy dress of yours ?"

Susan was wearing a short, red, off-the-shoulder dress, and black stockings with seams up the back.

"Soon enough you'll know." she said, "Let's get on with it now, I want to see some action. Come on, Chuck, it's your deal."

He shuffled the cards, and the game went on. In the next few rounds, he rapidly lost both his socks and his shirt. Jennifer offered to help him take off his shirt, and teasingly raked her fingernails across his chest as she slid the shirt down his arms. He then reciprocated when she lost her skirt, taking the opportunity to cup her ass through the lacy, powder-blue panties. Renee then lost a hand to Jennifer's three Kings and had to stand and take off her tight designer jeans revealing a skimpy pair of silky black panties. Susan lost the next hand and raised her dress to show a pair of thigh-high black nylons which she slowly rolled down her legs.

Then Renee lost again. Chuck tried not to stare too obviously when she began unbuttoning her blouse, her slender hands revealing golden skin as every button slipped from her fingers. But she noticed him watching her anyway, and she returned a shy, yet inviting smile as she sat back down.

Next, Lori lost for the first time. With a smile, she pulled up the hem of her miniskirt and showed off a pair of silky, white stockings which she tugged down her long, slender, tanned legs. Then it was Jennifer's turn to show what caused the strain on her blouse buttons. She slowly undid one button after the other, and when all the buttons were open she turned to Chuck with an inviting smile. He put his hands inside her blouse, around her waist, then moved them slowly upwards, stopping for a moment as his hands cupped the swellings of her breasts through her powder-blue half-bra. He let his thumbs tease her nipples for a moment and then his hands continued, softly over her generous breasts and on upwards, sliding the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms. He moved his hands back to her waist, leaned forward, and kissed first one nipple, then the other. She did not draw back, so he continued kissing and nibbling until her breathing quickened.

But Susan interrupted them: "Hey, time enough for that later! First we're going to beat the pants off of you, big boy."

Lori lost the next two hands and quickly lost her blouse and mini-skirt leaving her in a pink camisole and matching g-string panties. Jennifer's pair of threes was the next losing hand and she moved over to Chuck and asked him to help her unclasp her lacy powder-blue bra. Chuck stood in front of her and reached around to her back, opened it, and slid it forward with his hands underneath, feeling the smooth, silky texture of her skin under his fingertips. When his hands approached the round curves of her breasts, she quickly moved back out of his reach

"Look but dont touch, Chuck - at least not yet!"

She shook her shoulders, making the bra fall to the floor, riveting his eyes to the movements of her proud, naked breasts. The long, hard, red nipples making a nice contrast with the pale creamy skin of her tits. Jennifer squeezed her breasts together and tweaked her nipples between her fingertips.

Jennifer dealt a losing hand to Chuck and it was time for him to take off his pants. Wearing only her powder-blue bikini panties, she knelt before him and told him to stand up as she started to undo his trousers. Before she could pull them down, he felt several more hands sliding inside the waistband. Lori had moved up next to Jennifer, and Susan stood behind him, her firm breasts pressing against his back, her hands feeling his ass through his shorts.

"We want some fun too.", Lori said as she slid her fingers inside his shorts, moving her fingertips along his hard dick.

The joint efforts of three pairs of hands finally got his trousers off, his dick pushing against the restraint of the boxer shorts he was wearing underneath.

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