The note she finds reads:

Savannah my love,
Tonight is the night. You will come to me as I desire, my beautiful slut, and you will obey without question. Get dressed in all of the items I've laid out on the bed. Be on your knees for me at the door when I arrive at 7 p.m.
Your Master

Savannah Submits Game Book Cover Savannah trembles as she reads the note. She loves this man as no other, and he has been patiently working her up toward this moment. He has correctly identified the true submissiveness of her soul, and has spent a great deal of time with her talking of his desires and his requirement that she will submit to him completely, that she will be owned by him, and exist to serve only him.

She walks into the bedroom and gasps at what she sees. He has laid all of the items out in order for her, and there is no mistaking what she is to do. She checks the clock, and realizes she only has 45 minutes to get prepared for her Master. The first item is a beautiful pair of nipple clamps connected by a delicate silver chain. She blushes at the thought of putting these on herself. She decides to sit in front of her vanity mirror and watch as she does, always wondering if she can truly submit as he requires. Her nipples are hard at the thought of what is to come, and she grasps her left nipple with one hand, opening the silver clamp with the other hand. She gently lets it close around her large nipple, and moans slightly as it does, feeling the light pain, and feeling the sensation run directly from her nipple to her cunt. She pauses, and then clamps her right nipple. She gazes at herself in the mirror, brushing her long hair back to better see the beautiful chain draped between her breasts. She thinks her Master will be quite pleased with how slutty she looks, and she realizes the clamps are just tight enough that she will be able to bear the intensity for quite some time.

Rising from her chair, she slips on the sheer white stockings he has chosen for her. They rise up high on her long slim legs, staying in place at the top of her thighs, so close to her dripping wet pussy. She slides on the white heels, glimpsing herself in the mirror in nothing but nipple clamps and stockings and heels. He will approve. She bears no resemblance to the respectable businesswoman she was an hour ago. She runs her hands down over her shapely hips, caressing the inside of her thighs, desperately needing to be touched and controlled. But she peeks at the clock again - 20 minutes to go. She picks up the tiny white leather sheath dress he has picked out for her, and wonders if it will even fit. But it slips perfectly over her body, and as she zips it up, the pressure of the leather on the nipple clamps is almost unbearable. The white leather barely covers the top of her stockings, making her feel completely bare and exposed.

Her Master arrives promptly at 7 p.m. to find Savannah posed and breathless for him just inside the door, kneeling submissively on the soft carpeting. He can feel her excitement, but he can also feel her fear. He caresses her dark hair, patting her softly for her perfection in her preparation.

"Spread your legs, Savannah,"

She obeys immediately, feeling her wetness starting to drip down her thighs, feeling her nipples afire from the clamps. He reaches inside the leather dress and pulls out the silver chain, draping it over the front of the dress, making it completely accessible to him. He brushes her hair back off of her shoulders, and takes from his pocket a beautiful white woven collar. He fastens it around her slender neck, just tight enough so that she will always feel it.

"You are now my property, my slut, and you will obey," he commands her softly. He attaches a short leather leash to the collar. She is both humiliated and impassioned at the same time by this act. He stands over her kneeling form, and offers her the single white rose he has brought to her, trailing it softly down over her lovely face, then tucking it into her thick dark hair.

He leads her into the living room by her leash, pouring himself a glass of red wine. He feeds her the wine from his mouth, with a deep soulful kiss. As he sits in the armchair, she kneels perfectly by his side, shaking, starting to chatter out of nervousness.

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