"Here you go, Missy," the man in the ticket booth said, holding up a ten-trip subway pass to the City, "Now all we have to do is negotiate the price."

I was inside the closed booth with him at this point, blinds down, vaguely aware of other travelers passing unseen just outside. I was pressed close against him, his nose almost against my cleavage. This was going to be just too easy, I thought, taking the proffered ticket from his hand and slipping it into my purse.

"Oh, I know what the price is," I replied, stepping away and spinning slowly to give him the full effect of my ass and hips as I undid the short leather miniskirt and let it fall to the floor.

"And I think you'll be very happy to accept my offer."

I unzipped the tight leather jacket and let it slip down, pulling my shoulders back to display those pert tits whose size and curvature had long ago been calculated to appeal to the maximum number of people - male, female and everything between and beyond.

I turned again, allowing him to glimpse the second vagina my Kind have, just between my breasts.

"A trip round the houses," I suggested, licking my lips and fixing him with my smile.

His eyes widened as he realised what he was seeing. He was already reaching for me, the bulge hardening in his trousers.

"No holes barred," I breathed, as he fingered the soft and increasingly moist opening between my tits.

Twenty minutes later, I was on my way, clutching the Metro pass I had procured. I left the ticket man sitting on the booth floor, his trousers around his ankles, rolling a reefer. He had come twice, hard: once deep in my throat and once, a few minutes later, in the opening between my breasts.

I worked him well and drained him dry, the powerful muscles inside the cunt in my chest holding him tight while I caressed his balls and fingered his ass to squeeze out every drop of of his thick and sticky cum. Like my mouth, my extra pussy eventually drains into my stomach. I was very glad of his semen; I had not had any breakfast that morning.

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