I took my usual scheduled shift at the Club the following day. This was the early shift, from three-pm to seven in the evening and surprisingly popular - perfect for those who like sex in the afternoon.

I had only been there a few minutes when a message came for me: Lady Jane had requested my immediate assistance in the Gym. Lady Jane is a long-term client of the Chromium Shaft - staff gossip says she has been a Club member for at least thirty years.

The same gossip says that Lady Jane had been a dancer or gymnast at some point in the past - indeed, she may still be, for all I know. I had often thought of dance, especially ballet, as sexual energy diverted, twisted into art. Lady Jane had acquired some particular requirements, certain urgent needs which emerged infrequently, but seemed to be the final release for that ensnared sexual tension.

For some reason I was entirely unsure about, she had taken a liking to me just after I first took up this job, and had now summoned me to provide her personal services, as I have done many times in the past. I knew that she did not like to be kept waiting, so I hurried down the corridor and knocked politely on the door.


The Gym was a medium-sized room, fitted out as an old-fashioned dance studio rather than a sweat gym. It was a high airy room, often lit, as it was now, by natural daylight from roof-level skylights, so that it had brighter illumination than in most of the other rooms at the Club. It was equipped with a traditional hardwood floor, numerous mirrors and a wooden rail firmly fixed to three of the walls.

I slipped inside, closing the door quietly behind me. Lady Jane was already warming up, performing a series of stretches and bends to flex her muscles. She is a slender athletic woman with flat breasts and a haughty demeanor, augmented by fine blonde hair bound up in some casual way, and a slightly hatchet-faced look.

She was quite naked, except for a pair of black woolly leg-warmers. The muscles in her thighs and back flexed enticingly as she performed the splits - I can do that too - but Lady Jane has astonishing bodily flexibility. As I watched, she lifted one leg to near vertical whilst the other foot was planted flat on the floor, offering me a clear view of her shaved and perfect pussy.

I knew the drill by now, and moved over to one of the mirrors which hid a storage closet. I slipped out of the uniform clothes the Club provides - Lady Jane likes her assistants to be as naked as her - then opened the closet. Inside, on a shelf, lay Lady Jane's favorite machine - indeed, the only one she ever used, at least at this club. When inert, it was a black shell, curved and shaped like a seat for a doll. As I picked it up, it was already warming and writhing slightly as the automation sensed the need.

Lady Jane stood still, arms raised above her head in a pose, and looked at me.

"OK, I'm ready," she said finally.

I pressed the curve of the machine against her ass. It reacted quickly as it recognized the cue, wrapping itself seamlessly around her waist and thighs. I could see it pressing itself against her anus and holding open the lips of her vagina as it closed over her, eventually encasing her almost entirely around the waist.

She stepped away in that controlled manner that dancers have and continued her exercise routine. She bent backwards into a crab, then rolled over and started making sinuous cat-like movements on her hands and knees, alternately raising her shoulders and her ass.

The smart machine started inserting itself into her asshole and cunt, as it had been programmed, the rhythmic movements just visible as Jane pranced and pirouetted around the room. As she got hotter and wetter, the part of the machine thrusting in her vagina started expanding sideways, stretching her wide open. Despite herself, Lady Jane cried aloud and again, breathing heavily, until she reached the moment where her orgasm was almost inevitable.

"Now, Tania," she commanded.

She lay back on an exercise mat and crossed her ankles behind her head. The machine responded too, opening a tiny hole in the black material so that her pink and swollen clitoris was revealed. I knelt, gently licking her clit, watching enviously as the machine continued to fuck her ass with increasingly violent movements, while stretching her pussy wide enough for deep penetration by a Satyr.

"Harder!" she gasped.

I complied, energetically tonguing her for the minute or so before bringing her to the shuddering orgasm she had so very much desired. As Lady Jane came, the machine sucked itself out of her pussy in an eye-blink. This movement, together with the contractions of the professionally powerful muscles in her thighs and ass, jetted a quantity of her intimate juices over my chin and breasts.

Lady Jane's screams went on for an impressively long time. I knelt back and, on a whim, massaged my tits with her cum, wiping down my chin with my hand to have juice enough to lubricate the opening between them. Meanwhile the machine gently disengaged itself from her and rolled to one side. I stood up, then bent over to pick it up.

"Thank you Tania," Lady Jane breathed, eyelids still fluttering, "You may go now."

Silently, I returned the machine to the closet, where the PA would clean and ready the toy for the next user. I collected my uniform, although I did not bother to put it back on.

As I left the room, quietly closing the door behind me, I realized that, as always, she had not touched me and I had not touched her, except for my tongue on her clit.

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