The following day's plan was a long-awaited picnic in the country park with a group of friends. I had awoken early, as I often do, in rather child-like excited anticipation. I lay still on the futon, not wishing to disturb my dear friend Renie who was still snoring gently beside me.

Steve was away, attending to one or another of the mysterious pieces of business that keeps him busy and surprisingly financially solvent, so it was just the two of us keeping each other warm. I am always horny in the mornings - well, to be honest, I am horny almost all the time - and I felt sure that a little patience would allow me to fuck with Renie when she woke up.

I lay in the darkness, which soon softened slightly by illumination coming from the far wall, the lighting forming themselves into the shape of a clock by the automation, sensing my need automatically in the subliminal way the PA usually works.

I may have fallen back to sleep again, or at least entered one of those mysterious physiological states part-way between sleeping and waking. In any case, it seemed only seconds later when Renie started to stir next to me, writhing in that luxurious way common to those who have just woken from a deep sleep.

It is at times like this that a straightforward and rewarding fuck between friends is exactly what is required, and Renie's dick-girl essence always seems up for the challenge. Renie held me close, both of us lying on our sides, spooning. I could feel her morning hard-on pressing right up against my ass.

I do not know what I had been dreaming about - I do not remember anything specific on that occasion - but it seemed that I was was already wet and ready for her dick. Again, I don't know what need or fantasy had been going through Renie's head, but she too was hard and demanding, her cock ready and willing to satisfy my own urgent requirement.

Renie moved gently, shifting herself so that her rampant penis slid between my legs and started rubbing over the outer lips of my vagina. I tensed, positioning myself so that at a single movement I could redrect her thrusts so as to accommodate her hard penis, but loath to move too soon when I was enjoying the teasing sensations so much. Finally, I could take no more.

"Fuck me, Darlin'," I breathed, flexing so that Renie's next movement caused her dick to slip into me. I gasped as her beautifully well-formed, although not particularly large cock separated the lip of my vagina. Obligingly, she started the luxuriously slow and deep movements that I knew she could keep up for hours. I moved against her, thrusting myself backwards to accommodate every part of her dick inside me.

Wanting more, I rolled over and drew up my knees, pressing my head right down onto the mattress. With my ass right up in the air, I wondered which hole Renie would take me in this morning.

Playfully, Renie ran the head of her cock over both openings before pressing herself deeply into my cunt. I gasped, and again, while Renie's increasingly frantic movements brought me to the brink of orgasm. I could feel her tension, and her movements started to become just a little uncoordinated. I came then, the muscular pulses in my vagina bringing Renie off too.

We lay gasping in each others arms for a minute or five then, feeling energized and ready to face the world, We both threw aside the duvet and bounced giggling from the futon, making for the bathroom. After peeing, we jumped in the shower together, soaping each other down in a lather of soapy suds under the running water. We stood close to each other, breasts and nipples rubbing against the others skin and our legs spread to facilitate access for finger play.

It was not long before we adopted a position we both like a lot. With one of my hands, I rubbed Renie's dick, now rapidly hardening again and lubricated by the water and soapy lotions that we both use. The other I positioned from behind, sliding between her ass cheeks and thighs, finally slipping two fingers inside her cunt. With the tips of my long nails, I was able to massage that oh-so-sensitive spot on the roof of her opening just inside the place where her vagina lips merge smoothly with the base of her cock.

Renie reached in front of me, with one hand directing the lotion from my breasts onto her fingers before slipping their tips into the opening between my tits. Her other arm reached behind me, between my legs, caressing my anus for a moment before slipping her thumb in my lower vagina and stroking my clit with two long-taloned fingers.

We stood together for a long moment, kissing and masturbating each other while the water ran over our bodies. It is always special when I orgasm when fingered in both vaginas simultaneously, and I am certain that Renie loves it when cock and cunt are stimulated. We know each other so well by now that it was only a matter of minutes before we brought each other off, Renie's cum decorating the shower tiles while my breasts danced in time to my gasping cries.

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