I awoke with sunlight in my eyes and the smell of clean sheets in my nostrils. I was lying on a large futon, on my own, naked and curled into the comfortable semi-fetal position I usually adopt when sleeping alone. I was covered by a thin white duvet - I am always warm in bed and rarely need much insulation - which emitted the comforting aroma of well-washed cotton. All this was presumably arranged for my benefit by the PA after I had collapsed exhausted by my exertions last night.

I lay blinking in the daylight for a few moments, taking stock of my situation and remembering, with increasing appreciation, last night's sexual antics. I touched myself on the lips, between my breasts and ran a finger over the lips of my vagina, reliving exactly how I had been quite literally fucked senseless by Dragon and Lyanne.

I was not in the least sore or sticky, of course, having been thoroughly cleaned up by the PA while I was asleep - the water showers that I prefer to take are more for the pleasurable sensations than essential for cleanliness.

I sat up, allowing the coverlet to fall to my lap. Still half-asleep and slightly mussy-headed, I dozily appreciated for a few seconds the contrast between the darkness of my nipples and the dark leathery skin around my middle against the pure white bedspread.

I shook my head to clear it and looked about me. There was no-one around; presumably the house's other occupants were still asleep, or at least engaged in activities which were not making their presence obvious. The futon I had slept on was set to one side of the living area, tucked into an area where the ceiling came almost down to head-height, a location presumably selected by the PA to give me a sense of comfort and security.

Throwing off the coverlet, I stood up and wandered around to take a closer look at Dragon's residence. I could now see that Dragon's house was on at least two levels, the lower area which contained the dark dungeon we had experienced last night and this area where I had slept.

This upper floor was split into a surprising number of sublevels, joined by steps, sloping floors and even short spiral staircases. These were all approximately at ground level, with soaring white pillars supporting a high ceiling. The walls were uniformly white and decorated with numerous monumental paintings, most executed in bold styles with bright, even garish colorings.

Large windows spanning floor to ceiling let in masses of natural daylight, allowing one to appreciate the sunrise - although that event had occurred several hours before, I judged. The light wood floors were dotted with rugs, couches and pedestals supporting massive carvings, installations and artworks too numerous to mention.

This was clearly the home of a serious, or at least wealthy, art collector, and it was all such a contrast to the dark dungeon below. Dragon, it seemed, was a man of many passions and tastes.

"Good morning."

Dragon's deep voice made me jump slightly. He had emerged from a doorway leading to a room off the main living area - some kind of study or workroom, I assumed.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked solicitously.

He was once again wearing a Kimono, this one all in white with silver-grey dragons embroidered on the sleeves. He looked unruffled and suave, presumably having received the attentions of the automation earlier.

Lyanne arrived through another door, delightfully naked - as I was - and still stretching, also looking as if she had slept well. He had that "dragged-though-a-hedge-backwards" hairstyle typical of one who has been very thoroughly fucked the previous night.

"I feel great," I said in reply to Dragon's question. Actually, I had slept very well - the deep sleep of the physically exhausted and profoundly sexually satisfied. Now, I felt wide awake, bursting with energy. I wanted to run, jump, turn somersaults, anything but stand around.

It seemed that Dragon and Lyanne felt the same; Brandon swiftly slid open the glass door to the decking outside, letting in the fresh smell of the morning. Outside, an expanse of clipped green lawns spread out ahead of us, with a couple of visible paths that appeared to lead down to a swimming pool and spa area. The whole space was bounded with hedges and trees giving a degree of notional privacy which was unusual in my experience. Once again, I realized just how wealthy Dragon must be.

"Let's go swim!" Lyanne squealed, suddenly child-like in her enthusiasm.

She ran down the lawns, naked and barefoot, and plunged into the pool with a splash and a lot more shrieking. Laughing, Dragon and I followed more sedately, following the steps that edged the lawn, the stones already warming in the sunshine.

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