I returned to the flat in the early evening. Renie was out, working at her regular job at the Hair and Beauty Salon on the corner of the next block. An opportunity for me to relax for a hour or so.

In our absence, the room had been tidied up by our PA: cushions and pillows plumped up, clothes cleaned and put away, toys washed and concealed in their familiar hiding-places, ready for action at a moment's notice. Sometimes I wondered how anyone ever managed without Pervasive Automation.

I decided to take another shower - just a quick one, no time for any fun this time - tossing my skirt and jacket into a corner to be tidied away by the automation. After drying off and oiling my skin, I wandered naked back into the main room for a snack and a long cool drink.

The sex with the young couple in the pool had been entertaining. We had all fucked each other a little, although there were really not enough dicks involved for my taste.

Not needing further encouragement, I had stripped off quickly and slid into the cool water. I am not a particularly good swimmer - the shape of my feet does not really help - but the water was only deep enough to come up to my breasts.

In any case, swimming was not the objective: the couple, Bruce and Charlene - who turned out to be brother and sister - reached eagerly for my breasts and my ass. The tag-team rapidly focused on the opening between my legs (him) and the one between my breasts (her), and making me feel hot and juicy in both places. Obviously, I reciprocated, making a single 'O' with thumb and forefinger around the head of Bruce's cock with one hand, and running two fingers alternatively inside the girl's vagina and over her smooth-shaven pussy lips.

After a certain amount of fooling around, we emerged from the pool using the steps, allowing me to appreciate Charlene's large, well-formed and delightfully tanned breasts and stiff dark nipples which begged me to suck on them.

Dripping with water, we moved to the shade of a cluster of parasols by the edge of the pool, which shaded a clutch of daybeds and sun-loungers. I lost no time in enjoying Charlene's nipples, sucking hard on them alternately. Her teats swelled still further under my ministrations.

"Harder!" she begged, "Suck me hard!"

I redoubled my efforts, biting on her nipples and making her gasp, finally crying out as her orgasm shook her body uncontrollably.

Bruce had been watching avidly as I sucked his sister's tits, making his dick - already hard from the fooling around in the pool, even more erect. Charlene and I sucked him alternately where he stood, causing him to arch backwards and cry out. He seemed ready to explode at any moment but managed to stay in that state for an impressively long time.

The other girl and I ended up top-to-tail, with me on the top - I like it either way around - so that I could bury my head between her legs, giving her clit and vagina the full benefit of the long and slightly pointed tongue my Type is equipped with.

With my fanny in the air, Charlene did what she could with her tongue - definitely a Norm! - as well as using both tongue and finger to make my anus nicely lubricated ready for her brother. A moment later, her brother was inside me, fucking me from behind. The combination of tongue on clit and cock in ass gave me my first orgasm of the afternoon. Gratifyingly, Charlene came shortly afterwards with my tongue deep in her cunt.

We girls rolled over, giggling and gasping; the strength of my orgasm had forced Bruce's cock from my ass. I ended up on my back, so that Bruce could straddle me, slipping his rock-hard member into cunt between my breasts. The grinning girl watched with a huge grin on her face as her brother finally came in that opening, which I can make, by muscles designed in for the purpose, particularly tight and stimulating.

"Not fair," she exclaimed in a joke-petulant voice after he had come, "She's been fucked in two places, and I'm all wet and horny."

"Let me help you with that," I replied, kneeling to use my tongue and fingers on her pussy once again, which was indeed dripping wet as advertised. I was able to bring her off surprisingly quickly, a gasping and powerful orgasm which made her pussy muscles clench again and again around my fingers.

All of us were warmed up, perspiring freely after the sex in the sun. We took an impromptu cooling dip in the pool, instigated by Charlene attempting to push her brother in. This was successful only to the point that he managed to grab her arm as he was falling and tug her into the water as well. I watched their antics in the pool for a few moments then, caught up in the child-like glee, jumped into the deep end with a tremendous splash.

I clambered out after a minute or two, followed by the other two, and took turns in toweling each other down, both Bruce and Charlene making appreciative noises as they dried my ass. I tossed the towel on the warm decking, where it would no doubt be whisked away by the automation as soon as my back was turned.

Cooled and refreshed, we retired back to the shaded sun-loungers. Bruce threw himself on one of the daybeds before offered me a drink, which I accepted gratefully. Three tall glasses materialized on a small table just to one side, the blur of movement being just enough to attract our attention. I swept up one of the glasses and lay back on the daybed I had commandeered, catching Charlene's eye in a silent toast before sipping from the fruit-juice-and-sparking-wine combination the man had requested for all three of us.

"Say, would you like something to eat?" she asked.

I nodded, suddenly feeling hungry after the exertions.

"So what do you like?" she added.

"Meat, and lots of it" I replied promptly.

"I'm sure you do, honey" she said with a laugh in her voice, "I'm sure you do."

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