My performance with the tentacle machine sure had made its mark with the audience in the Chromium Shaft Club. People were standing two-deep in a circle around the dimly-lit platform. Some applauded wildly, some were looking on in thoughtful silence, and many were still openly masturbating, or with tongues, fingers or dicks inserted deep into wide-open mouths, moist cunts or lubricated anuses.

After the Octopus had set me down, several guests started clamoring to experience the machine themselves. These things rarely need policing, in my experience: as it becomes clear that a particular individual might just succeed in their claim, they either back away or jump in with both feet.

As I licked up the last of the cum, a tight-bodied blonde pushed her way forward. Encouraged by the group of friends she had clearly come with, the slender girl stepped up onto the raised dais under the machine. The tentacles, sensing her presence and willingness, came to life, sliding smoothly from the hub fixed to the darkened ceiling. As I watched, the tentacles' color changed to a deep blood-red, the machine sensing, as is the way of pervasive automation, one's deep and often unexpressed preferences - preferences the PA knows from a lifetime's observations coupled to a hugely sophisticated model of human behavior.

The woman on the dais stood naked with her hands on her hips, looking up at the appendages snaking their way towards her, her face a picture compounded of lust and excitement, with just a hint of fear. She raised her chin, her nipples hardened visibly and the muscles in the thighs twitching slightly. Just before the first of the tentacles reached her, she glanced at me, a half-grin on her face. I smiled back conspiratorially. I had seen this machine at work many times before, and I suspected I knew exactly how it would take this newbie. As it turned out, I was exactly right.

The first two tentacles wrapped themselves twice around her upper arms, their tips coming to rest under her breasts. Two more eased their around her thighs, lifting her from the ground and roughly forcing her legs apart, arching her backwards to give the maximum access to her cunt.

The fifth of the machines limbs wrapped itself around her neck, bending her head backwards, and one more slid between her breasts. Yet another tentacle extended itself over her navel to press its narrowed tip - already vibrating visibly - over her clit, and the last, glistening with oily lubrication exuded from glands near the tip, began to rub itself over the lips of her vagina.

She was evidently ready for the machine's fuck. The last tentacle entered her vagina, sliding smoothly in and out, edging its way deeper with each thrust and making her moan aloud in pleasure. The tips of the two appendages holding her arms moved up over her tits, moving side-to-side over each nipple. I could see both teats darken and harden under the machine's ministrations.

The tentacle fucking her was now penetrating her deeply, moving more quickly and urgently, growing in size to entirely fill her, its reciprocating motion forcing her to move to its rythym. The coordinated actions of all of the tentacles increased, a writhing mass of perspiring pink skin, blood red limbs and glistening lubrication.

"Yes," she cried, eyes closed, "Yes, now, harder."

She was clearly close to orgasm, I knew, and as I watched, the suspended woman jerked and squirmed in her restraints, letting out a long low cry, almost a moan, in her pleasure and relief.

The movement of the tentacle between her legs slowed almost to a stop, and the vibrating appendage had moved away from her clit. it must have seemed to her, if only for a split second, that it was all over, that was all she would get. She was, as I had anticipated, quite wrong.

The tentacle which had been fucking her cunt, now lubricated with a mix of her own juices and those from the machine, found its way further between her legs and slipped itself deep into her anus. She had just enough time to gasp and cry out before the tentacle between her breasts filled her mouth forming a gag, one capable of extending itself down her throat at a moment's notice.

The tips of the two appendages which had been stimulating her nipples widened themselves to nozzles and clamped themselves over her tits. From the movements of her breasts, I could see the funnels were flexing and sucking, alternately clamping down on her nipples and sucking them hard. Her eyes bulged as the intense stimulation - even pain - caught her unawares.

The tentacle which had been at her clit slammed into her vagina, widening noticeably to form a thick stiff dick and drilled her mercilessly. The two appendages in her anus and cunt began to move together, much faster and harder than before, banging away at the blonde woman as she writhed in the restraints.

Her pleasuring took a lot longer the second time but the machine finally brought her to a huge, a massive orgasm which must have made the first one seem insipid by comparison. As she came, the gag tentacle popped out, allowing us all to witness the screams of pleasure and excitement which seemed to go on for ages.

As the machine gently lowered the still-twitching woman to the floor, I could hear her saying, over and over again like a mantra, "Best cum ever. Best cum ever."

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