I swept down the wide staircase of Mom's apartment building arm-in-arm with Dragon in an old-fashioned formal pose made incongruous by Lyanne in her slave-girl outfit trailing behind us. Dragon held her leash casually in his other hand, guiding her with occasional tugs and nudges.

We passed though the outer door onto the street. It was already dark, although the smart street-lighting made it easy to see in any direction I cared to look. I had expected a trip on the Metro - this was my usual way of getting around for distances too far to walk. Instead, as we reached the edge of the pavement, a long low black car drew up, stopping silently a meter or so away from us. It had the external appearance of a stretch limo from the Internal Combustion Era - so many people are deeply attracted to retro design these days - although this one was evidently a modern reproduction.

The rear door opened automatically as we approached.

"Here, take this," Dragon said, handing me Lyanne's leash. He gathered up the voluminous folds of his Kimono and made his way inside, settling himself in the center of one of the two luxuriously upholstered banks of seats set facing each other in the interior.

I motioned Lyanne to get in the car. She knelt gracefully, making her way though the open door on hands and knees - incidentally allowing me a close and very appreciative inspection of her cute ass. I followed closely, making my way to the opposite row of seats. The door closed with a soft click, and the car slid into motion, the automation firmly in control.

Dragon sat back, an expectant look on his face. Lyanne was kneeling on the carpet between Dragon and me, facing in my direction with her eyes still downcast, while I held her leash in my hand. I quickly realized what was expected: he had given his pet to me, at least for the moment, and she was mine to do with what I would. I grinned lustfully and glanced at Dragon, who nodded in acknowledgment, a wry grin now playing over his features.

I held the leash handle between my teeth for a moment while I wriggled out of the pretty little black evening dress that Mom had given me - it would only be getting in the way just at the moment - and tossed it casually towards the seating at the other end of the limo.

"Come here, girlfriend," I purred, pulling firmly on the leash to draw Lyanne's head into my lap, pressing her cheek against my thigh. I stroked her hair, smoothing it away from her ear, then nibbled playfully at her lobe.

"I think I need you to lick me again, honey," I whispered, nipping her earlobe hard enough to make her squeak with surprise, "But this time, you'll do it right."

"Yes, Mistress," she replied, glancing up at me with that same astonishingly direct and wanton look.

On a whim, I decided that there would be no penetrative sex just now - not even fingers - and I would make Lyanne bring me to a climax just using her tongue. I kept Lyanne's leash attached to her collar, using it to guide her mouth exactly as I required.

First, I directed her to my breasts. Sensing my need, she licked me like a cat, an impression enhanced by her sinuous movements and kneeling position, running her tongue lavishly over every part of by tits. I made her return again and again to my nipples, pressing them into her mouth and jerking repeatedly at the leash until she sucked satisfactorily firmly on them.

Now, I like my nipples sucked hard, and I was taking this opportunity to delight in the sensation of attention to my breasts without the distraction of being touched elsewhere. Even so, the intensely pleasurable feelings made me want more, and I was rapidly getting damply excited in several places. The second cunt between my breasts, the one unique - as far as I knew - to my Kind, was by now really very wet and a few drops of my intimate moisture began to bead on Lyanne's throat.

Groaning with pleasure, I dragged Lyanne closer, holding onto the leather straps which bound her breasts and pressing her mouth against my second opening. Again, she licked me with abandon, immense cat-like strokes along the entire length of my lips, evidently relishing the taste of my juices. Sometimes, I can come just by having these lips stimulated - there's no clitoris associated with that opening - but I decided I would require her attention lower down.

I pulled on Lyanne's hair, forcing her roughly onto her back. I slid off the seat, squatting over her and alternately pressing cunt and ass against her face. Her tongue was soon hard at work over the folds of my vulva and the tight 'O' of my anus, her saliva and my own juices mingling to lubricate me extravagantly.

While Lyanne gave the area between my legs the attention I deserved, I glanced over at Dragon. Even though the bulky Kimono, I could make out that he had a massive erection - indeed, he must have maintained a hard-on during the entire performance. Even so, he sat quietly, watching out antics alertly, but making no move to either join in or touch himself.

By now, I was ready to come, and I knew how I wanted it. I sat again on the car seat, legs wide apart, and tugged Lyanne's leash to bring her to a kneeling position again. I drew her forward and down, pressing her mouth firmly against my clit. Again, she responded with laudable enthusiasm and I was soon brought to a shattering climax, crying out in pleasure and release, and my head banging against the seat-back, while still steadying Lyanne's head with both hands.

The car drew slowly to a stop.

"We're made it," Dragon announced, "Let's go indoors."

He was so right, I thought. Oh, yes. After that licking out, what I really, really needed was to be fucked long, and hard, and so very, very deep.

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