We left the Starbucks and walked back towards the Metro station, again pausing to look over that glorious fur coat in the shop window. Our next port of call was Mom's apartment. I had a favor to ask of her - another part of my plan, of course - and besides I felt she would be interested in meeting Selene. She might not have heard of my recent escapade, but she would probably be amused to hear about it and, in any case, she always likes to meet new and interesting people.

The Metro station platform was quite crowded, enough so that I held on tightly to Selene's hand; she remained a little nervous in the presence of large numbers of people. The train which arrived was also nearly full. Fortunately, a few people got off and I moved quickly; I got on first, tugging Sis along in my wake, moving to stand by a vertical pole provided to steady standing passengers. Selene was pressed right up against me in the crush; I was standing sideways and I could her feel her breasts, larger and softer than mine, pressing into my upper arm.

Moments after the doors had slid shut with a thump and the car had jerked into motion, I felt Selene stiffen, her mouth opening instinctively in a gasp and her eyes widening in surprise.

"Tania!" she hissed in my ear, "Someone's touching my ass!"

I turned around to face Sis, with some difficulty in the crowded interior. I looked up over her shoulder, straight into the face of a woman with flaming red hair, who stared back at me with flashing green eyes and a lascivious look on her face. She wore a tightly-cut grey business suit, which might have been thought of as conservative if the skirt had not been so short and the jacket not cut so low over her tits. It was that horny slut I had encountered before, the one who liked to touch people in crowded trains while masturbating herself to a quick orgasm between stops.

"Relax, Honey," I answered her, "She just wants to play a little."

"Oh," Selene said, a grin widening across her face as she thought about it.

As I might have done, Sis moved her legs as wide apart as the confines of the Metro car and the bodies of strangers would allow, and leaned a little forward, arching her back as she did so, her head coming to rest on my shoulder. Encouraged by her movement, I could just make out the red-haired woman sliding her hand further under my sister's short skirt, eliciting, again, a gasp from Selene.

"Ohh," she moaned, barely audible over the noise and rattle of the Metro car, "She's, she's inside me, her fingers, and I'm soo wet!"

"You like?" I purred in her ear, remembering my previous encounter with this particular lady.

"Oh, yes!" Selene replied between gasps, "Ohh, yes."

Do doubt she was still wet from her encounter with Johnny's Dollface in the 'Bucks a few minutes ago. I stood leaning back on the handhold pole and cradling her head on my shoulder, whispering encouragements in her ear and willing her to come soon, so very soon, to reach a climax in the short time we had before the train reached the next station stop.

I was watching the woman through half-slitted eyes, who was masturbating herself and my sister at the same time. Hher eyes were half-closed too, and her shoulders and hips jerking rhythmically to the motions of one hand between her own legs and the rigid fingers of the other fucking my sister. All three of us were surrounded by anonymous backs in dark clothing, no-one noticing - at least, not overtly - and certainly no-one caring what she was doing.

The redhead sure was practiced at this. As I watched, her mouth opened in an almost soundless "O" and her head shook with exquisite pleasure. She sagged momentarily, almost as if her legs were suddenly too weak to support her. I could tell she liked what she had just done. At almost the same moment, Selene arched her head back and then it banged hard on my shoulder, crying out once involuntarily as an orgasm rippled through her.

The Metro rumbled to a halt and the doors slid open. The crush eased almost immediately, with people hurrying to leave the car. The woman in the grey business suit departed too, smoothing down her skirt over her fanny and walking with a gait which cried "just fucked!" to a close observer. As she left, she cast the merest glance back at us, Selene still gasping in post-orgasmic pleasure on my shoulder, and me watching her with much curiosity and not a little lust.

The Metro car was now two-thirds empty - the downtown stop where the lecherous redhead had departed was obviously a popular destination at this hour - and I guided Selene to a seat to allow her to recover. One day, I told myself, I will find out more about that horny red-headed bitch, and arrange for a longer and much more satisfying encounter.

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