After our sex in the shower, Selene and I emerged and dried each other off using a varied collection of fluffy white towels the automation had laid out for us. I tried out a few more caresses of her ass and breasts and, to my entire delight, she returned the touch, kissing me warmly on the lips while separating my fanny cheeks with both her hands.

"You know," I said, disengaging from the kiss with a fair degree of reluctance and slapping her gently on the rump, "I really think you'll like it here. And I also think, if you're anything like me, that after a good sleep and a little playful sex, you'll now be incredibly hungry."

Her face lit up.

"You do understand, don't you," she said, with an expression compounded of wistfulness and satisfaction, "I'm so glad you came for me."

We ate breakfast together, sat at a small table on the terrace overlooking the lawns and the pool. My sister was entirely amazed at the way the food that she wanted seemingly materialized out of thin air - "like magic", she said. I explained again about the pervasive automation, about how it was built with a deep knowledge of the needs and desires of humans of all Kinds, augmented by near-omniscient observation, and therefore capable of instantaneous prediction and delivery. This time, perhaps she was beginning to believe what I said.

Sis ate an astonishing amount, new plates heaped with the foods she enjoyed appearing regularly. Presumably her appetite was the result of a need to fuel the repairs the PA was making to her body. By contrast, I picked at my food - although I certain ate a good deal more than normal for me.

After we had finished eating, we sat at the table together for a long time while it was cleared unobtrusively by the automation. She told me more about her life, her family: how she was brought up in the strict faith of the commune by her mother, now long dead of old age, and the man she had married in church - I had the automation provide me with a concise definition of this term - twenty years ago.

Her husband was also now dead, after an accident with some kind of mill machinery that confused and distressed me immensely. I was horrified to hear about people dying, no longer existing, the reality of death brought home to me much more than the warnings - at the time, seemingly abstracted - that Dragon had issued before I visited the commune.

Selene also told me about her desire to have a family, to bear children herself. To her distress and for some reason she did not - or could not - explain, she was not able to get pregnant, although she did hint that she suspected the fault was with her husband. It seemed that he was rarely able to perform at all and was never even barely satisfactory "in the bedroom", as she put it.

To compensate, she told she fantasized about encounters with strangers and neighbors - although had never acted on those fantasies - and masturbated regularly and vigorously. She kept about her various tools and objects - all of which had plausible alternative uses - but whose real purpose was to assist her in achieving a degree of sexual satisfaction.

I tried to explain about my life, the way the world worked here. I got the impression that she simply didn't believe half the things I said, that she thought I was exaggerating, even showing off for her benefit. I backed off from anything she did not seem to accept; I did not want to push things right now - there would be plenty of time for demonstrations later.

By this time, the sun was high in the sky, and it was getting quite hot, even under the shade of the terrace parasols. I stretched luxuriously, then suggested a cooling dip in the swimming pool.

"But I don't have a swimming costume," she objected.

"Well, neither do I," I responded, "But I'm quite sure it's not in the least bit necessary."

"Oh! Skinny dipping!" she cried, "I've always wanted to swim naked."

I took her by the hand and together we scampered down the sun-warned steps to the pool area. Selene rushed straight into the water, squealing from the coolness, then swam energetically and confidently but not, as far as I could tell, with a great deal of technique - not that I'm an expert, of course. Even so, she seemed to revel in the warm water and the sunshine, her eyes flashing and her breasts bouncing when she stood up in the center of the pool. I splashed about in the shallow end, more to be sociable than anything else; I was delighted to see my sister so happy and playful.

While we were swimming, Dragon emerged from the house and made his way down the same steps. On this occasion he was not wearing his trademark Kimono, but was quite naked except for a folded towel that he had evidently thrown casually over one shoulder and which concealed, basically, nothing at all. Selene saw him approaching, and swam up to sit next to me on the steps that led down to the shallow end of the pool.

"Who's that?" she asked in a low voice, her face alight with lustful interest, "He's gorgeous."

"Our host. Why don't you go and say hello," I suggested mischievously.

She looked shocked, frozen for a moment. Before she could decide what to do, Dragon had pre-empted her.

"Good morning, Tania," he said in a friendly fashion, "I trust you slept well."

I nodded grinning. He turned to my sister.

"And you must be Selene," he continued, "I'm delighted to meet you."

Sis was transfixed, her eyes locked on Dragon's dick - which was nicely impressive, in my experienced opinion - as if she had never seen one before. There was a short stillness, then Dragon slid the towel from his shoulders and bent down, taking Selene by one hand and encouraging her to stand.

"I can see you have a need, an urgent requirement," Dragon said softly in his deep voice, "Let me help you with that."

My sister seemed to be in a daze, unable to drag her eyes away from the man's crotch. Dragon led her to the sun-lounger and guided her to lay back on it, then gently spread her legs to run his thumbs over her pussy lips.

As he stimulating her clit between the edges of each digit, she squirmed and cried out, a low animal groan that conveyed a deep-seated need. Dragon bent forward and licked at her pussy, causing her to arch her back and reach down with one hand to hold his head firmly between her legs. She cried out again and again, rapidly reaching the orgasm she so desperately craved, despite my best efforts earlier. She panted for a few moments, looking at Dragon's face still wedged between her thighs, then rolled over and knelt on the lounger, spreading her legs wide.

"Take me now," she begged, "Fill me, enter me, now!"

Dragon needed no further urging. He stood behind her, his rampant cock stiffening still further as he rubbed the head over her cunt lips, moistening it so that it glistening in the sunlight. He then plunged into her, taking her as deeply and as thoroughly as she obviously wanted.

I sat on the top step of the pool, watching my sister get the entire length and girth of Dragon’s cock inside her and idly touching myself, bringing myself off - a willy-nilly - just as Selene reached her second screaming, shaking orgasm. Dragon had not finished - I knew from previous experience just how difficult it was to get him to come - but he politely withdrew his member. There should be time to enjoy that cock myself very soon, I thought.

I decided to join them. I stood, dripping pool water - and a little of my own moisture - on the warm decking and made my way over to where Selene was still lying on one of the sun-loungers, grinning at me as I approached. I sat down on the edge of the lounger and kissed Dragon - enjoying my sister's taste on his lips - and then Selene.

"I can't tell you how much I needed that," she told me, licking her own lips libidinously, no doubt also tasting a little of what I had just experienced.

"Oh, I think I got the idea," I replied, grinning back at her.

Selene rolled over onto her stomach and kicked up her heels, supporting her chin in her palms and looked up at Dragon.

"You know," she said, "I've always fantasized about having a real cock - a real big, hard cock - inside me like that."

"Glad you enjoyed it," Dragon said, looking flattered.

"Of course, you can have as many hard cocks as you want," I chipped in, "And I'll make it my mission to arrange plenty more for your delectation."

Selene laughed, a happy sound of release and satisfaction mixed with an appreciation of what the future might hold.

"So what is your name?" she asked Dragon.

"I'm Brendon O'Reilly," Dragon replied in his deep voice, "I'm your father."

Selene's mouth formed a soundless 'O' of surprise, a look entirely at odds with her horny attitude a moment before. Then she smiled, increasingly widely as the realization, the truth of the situation, sunk in. She looked from Dragon to me and back again.

"So here, I really can" - she hesitated, then pressed on - "fuck anyone I want?"

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